Our exchanges yesterday and today have fortified my conviction that there are vast opportunities to be seized.

Also, there is no doubt of the extent and importance of your role and contribution to the Halal industry in Europe.

We cannot overstress the crucial importance of the logistics capabilities and capacity in halal industry as provided by Walloon Logistics.

As pointed out earlier, a port-centric Integrated Halal Logistics Facilities, with Network of End to End Infrastructures, and a seamless logistics system are decisive factors in strategies for our halal hub to hub success.

I can see how the synergies, for example, of the Liege Port Authority can be harnessed with our ports in Selangor (particularly our North Port Authority) to drive our Halal hub to hub initiatives.

As we have stressed from the outset, the overarching objective is to optimise access to the global Halal market – the fastest growing in the world.

Let me stress again the importance of strategic collaboration in sharing an all-inclusive Halal Trade Delivery Assurance.

If I may recap and stress, Halal International Selangor’s strategic thrusts include the provision of world class Halal infrastructure and standards, the creation of an International Halal trading hub and global collaborations to promote Global Halalan Thoyyiban Trade and Industry (GHTTI) signified by trustworthiness, integrity, security and assurance.

I take serious note of the vastness of the halal market and how we in Selangor from the East can be strategically linked to Belgium from the West. As we know, with an estimated 1.8 billion Muslim consumers, making up one quarter of the world’s population, the demand for Halal products and services is overwhelming.

It is also crucial that one third of the world Muslim consumers is actually Francophone. So, here too, the language barrier can be transformed into a language bridge. Likewise, on our part, we in Asia can provide the language bridge for our European partners.

At the end of the day, I am sure we are in agreement that, our objective is to develop a Single Community and a Global Halal Market through our shared expertise, resources, human capital development, trade market and global branding endorsements.

I firmly believe that our very detailed, elaborate and substantive deliberations for these last two days are absolutely essential for the ultimate creation of a comprehensive global halal ecosystem to serve the Muslim community.

Finally let me say that I look forward to more concrete collaboration going forward and let us hope we can bring our exchanges to fruition.

Thank you.