The allegation in today’s media reports about Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman blocking the repatriation of the Philippine’s most wanted conman is a matter of grave concern.

As this is not a frivolous claim but one made on record by Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the mere denial by Sabah Police Chief Hamza Taib that the matter is not linked to Musa Aman is simply not enough. Public interest and the issue of accountability warrant that the Chief Minister himself must come forward with a statement.

Musa must come clean on whether there is any truth in the suggestion that the conman Manuel Karingal Amalilio is also his Musa’s nephew. Likewise, did he or did he not have anything to do with the decision by the police to intervene in his deportation? Let us remind Musa that elegant silence in this regard may be interpreted as admission of guilt considering that lately he has been very vocal in the press.

The Inspector General of Police must conduct an immediate investigation into this matter. Has there been any breach of international protocol? Why was it necessary for our police to intervene? Regardless whether Amalilio is a Malaysian or Philippines citizen, our authorities must not be complicit in any attempt to obstruct justice.

Mohamed Azmin bin Ali

Deputy President

I welcome the assurance given by European Union ambassador Luc Vandebon to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and me at yesterday’s briefing that the EU is ready to work with any democratically elected government and that it plans to resume the negotiation process immediately after the general election.

Having obtained the mandate to negotiate with the EU on the Free Trade Agreement since October 2010, the Malaysian government has been dragging its feet in the negotiation process because of the lack of direction and commitment on the part of the leadership. Consequently despite the best efforts by our very capable officials in particular the senior officers in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Bank Negara, little progress has been made because of the reluctance by the political masters to comply with international standards of transparency, accountability, and governance.

Indeed, Singapore has already successfully concluded negotiations while Vietnam and Thailand are at the final stages. The failure on our part to move forward reflects negatively on our state of preparedness under the UMNO-BN led government to abide by the stringent international standards set.

We recognize that the negotiations are complex and cannot be rushed but a Pakatan Rakyat led government will be better placed to move progressively towards conclusive negotiations with the EU because our policy on procurement, transparent tender process, the abolition of rent-seeking and discriminatory practices as well as other issues of governance, is in line with the EU requirements.

While we will also ensure that the interests of our fledgling industries and our SMEs will not be compromised, we are confident that the dismantling of crony-centric practices, murky procedures in retail licensing as well as bureaucratic control will help to unlock our further potential for greater competitiveness.

Mohamed Azmin bin Ali

Deputy President

The latest statement by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad to clear himself of any wrong doing in the clandestine IC scam under probe by the RCI shows him to be arrogant, unrepentant and an unscrupulous manipulator of history.

Dr Mahathir’s attempt to drag the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, into the mud is despicable and cowardly. He is trying to pull wool over the eyes of the rakyat by equating the IC scam conducted shadily under his watch as prime minister with the granting of citizenship in peninsula Malaysia during the Tunku’s time.

He continues to insult our intelligence by assuming that the people are unable to differentiate between a shady operation shrouded in secrecy which is criminal and one that was done in accordance with a collective decision during the formative period of our history of independence. In any event, the latter is not the subject of inquiry whereas the IC project is. So, Dr. Mahathir must stop throwing red herrings in the path just to distract us from the key issue.

The clandestine project took place just two weeks before the 1994 state election and Dr Mahathir must stop pretending he cannot see the link between that and the obvious conclusion that it was therefore a citizenship-for-votes scheme.

I maintain it is shocking to learn that the perpetrators in the scam stayed at the house of Aziz Shamsuddin and used it as the operations centre to issue the fake ICs. Equally shocking is the testimony that Megat Junid Megat Ayub had instructed NRD senior officers to issue the IC receipts.

Aziz Shamsuddin and Megat Junid could not have embarked on a scam of such a magnitude without the clearance of the man they would have to report to at that time and that would be none other than Dr. Mahathir.

I maintain my call that Dr Mahathir must be investigated for the act of treason to the people and to the nation for selling out our sovereignty in sanctioning this nefarious scheme just to ensure that UMNO-BN controls Sabah.

Mohamed Azmin Ali

Deputy President
January 18th, 2013


Projek Kad Pengenalan – Mahathir Mencemarkan Nama Tunku untuk Melepaskan Tengkuknya

Kenyataan terkini oleh Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad untuk membersihkan dirinya daripada segala salahlaku dalam pemberian kad pengenalan haram yang sedang dalam siasatan oleh Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja menggambarkan dirinya sebagai angkuh, tidak menyesal dan manipulator sejarah yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

Percubaan Dr. Mahathir untuk mengheret Perdana Menteri yang pertama, Tunku Abdul Rahman, dalam kekotoran ini adalah keji dan hina. Beliau cuba untuk mengaburi pandangan rakyat dengan menyamakan penipuan kad pengenalan yang dikendalikan dalam keadaan sembunyi semasa beliau memegang tampuk kuasa Perdana Menteri dengan pemberian kewarganegaraan di semenanjung Malaysia semasa era Tunku.

Beliau berterusan menghina akal kita dengan menganggap bahawa rakyat tidak berupaya untuk membezakan antara operasi gelap yang diselubungi rahsia yang sememangnya suatu jenayah dengan perkara yang berlaku dengan keputusan secara kolektif semasa pembentukan sejarah kemerdekaan kita. Maka, yang kedua itu bukanlah subjek siasatan sepertimana projek kad pengenalan tersebut. Oleh itu Dr. Mahathir harus hentikan sikap berdolak-dalih beliau yang mengalih tumpuan kita terhadap isu utama.

Projek haram ini berlaku hanya dua minggu sebelum Plihan Raya Umum 1994 dan Dr Mahathir harus berhenti berpura-pura yang beliau tidak mampu melihat kaitannya dengan konklusi yang jelas bahawa wujud skim kewarganegaraan untuk undi.

Saya tetap terkejut apabila mendapati bahawa pesalah-pesalah dalam penipuan tersebut telah menginap di rumah Aziz Shamsuddin dan membuat manfaat daripadanya sebagai pusat operasi untuk mengeluarkan kad pengenalan palsu tersebut. Tidak lebih mengejutkan apabila ada keterangan bahawa Megat Junid Megat Ayub pernah mengarahkan pegawai atasan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara untuk mengeluarkan resit penerimaan kad pengenalan itu.

Aziz Shamsuddin dan Megat Junid tidak mungkin mampu melaksanakan penipuan yang sebegitu rapi tanpa arahan atau persetujuan daripada orang atasan mereka, yang tentunya ketika itu adalah Dr. Mahathir.

Saya tetap dengan seruan saya bahawa Dr. Mahathir harus disiasat atas dakwaan mengkhianati rakyat dan Negara dengan menjual kedaulatan kita dengan mengizinkan skim keji ini hanya untuk memastikan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional kekal di Sabah.

Mohamed Azmin Ali

Timbalan Presiden
18 Januari 2013