Price hike – Wahid’s statement arrogant


The statement by Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar that those unhappy with the proposed highway toll hike can use other routes is totally uncalled for and demonstrates a clear lack of accountability.

We would like to remind the unelected Federal Minister to stop patronising the people and not to be arrogant when making statements.

Raising the highway toll is a serious matter which affects road users who in many cases have no choice but to use them. It is a matter of necessity and just because these are concessions it does not mean that prices can be increased without considering the needs and financial strain on the people.

Do not hide behind the concession agreements and challenge the people with this take-it-or-leave-it scenario. This proposed hike together with the other planned price hikes poses a major threat to the welfare of the people.

We oppose these price increases and in the absence of any convincing proof that they are justified we will continue to support efforts and measures to fight these oppressive price hikes.

There is no use in the government harping on how well our stock market is doing or how impressive are our growth rates when the reality is that the man in the street continues to suffer to meet the rising the cost of living.




Deputy President

17 DECEMBER 2013