The allegation in today’s media reports about Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman blocking the repatriation of the Philippine’s most wanted conman is a matter of grave concern.

As this is not a frivolous claim but one made on record by Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the mere denial by Sabah Police Chief Hamza Taib that the matter is not linked to Musa Aman is simply not enough. Public interest and the issue of accountability warrant that the Chief Minister himself must come forward with a statement.

Musa must come clean on whether there is any truth in the suggestion that the conman Manuel Karingal Amalilio is also his Musa’s nephew. Likewise, did he or did he not have anything to do with the decision by the police to intervene in his deportation? Let us remind Musa that elegant silence in this regard may be interpreted as admission of guilt considering that lately he has been very vocal in the press.

The Inspector General of Police must conduct an immediate investigation into this matter. Has there been any breach of international protocol? Why was it necessary for our police to intervene? Regardless whether Amalilio is a Malaysian or Philippines citizen, our authorities must not be complicit in any attempt to obstruct justice.

Mohamed Azmin bin Ali

Deputy President