We denounce the latest decision by the Egyptian judiciary convicting Mohamed Morsi and sentencing him to death on charges of plotting a prison escape with Hamas and conspiring with foreign agents against the nation.

The ruling, which comes on the heels of a recent mass death sentence on over 100 people, represents a new low in the depths that the illegitimate government of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has sunk to. This was a trial that has failed to meet even the basic requirements of due process and flouted every rule of evidence.

It is also a death sentence on democracy and justice underscored by the intense and massive accumulation of power by the military since the deposing of President Morsi in the July 2013 coup assisted by unseen hands in the region.

The powers that be have wasted no time in undoing the ground work that had been initiated under the representative government of Morsi and has unleashed a torrent of repressive and oppressive measures against independent civil society organisations, academia and the free media while driving the remnants of a vibrant opposition underground.