7th October 2015


We take serious note and welcome wholeheartedly the statement released by the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal, Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, after the pre-council meeting of the Conference of Rulers at Istana Negara yesterday evening.

We are of the view that not just the leaders but the entire nation should welcome and take seriously the concerns and views expressed in the statement. Without doubt, each and every matter expressed therein resonates with the people in as much as they share with the same degree of care and concern the issues raised by the Rulers.

We note in particular the reminder to all leaders “to always adhere to the Rukun Negara principles of upholding the constitution and the rule of law.” We believe that this reminder is not just timely for the current issues affecting the nation but should remain a guiding light at all times to all those who hold executive power.

We also agree in all conscience that the statement should not be politicized by anyone or quarter in order to gain advantage. In addition to the aforementioned matters, we would like to categorically commend the following matters raised by the Rulers:

  • That there must be transparency in the 1MDB investigations and

    no concealment of facts and the truth;
  • That failure to resolve the 1MDB matter would continue to

    negatively impact the country’s financial market and economic climate

    and at the same time, adversely affect the world’s view of Malaysia;
  • That if the issue was not wisely handled, and was allowed to

    drag on, it could jeopardise the country’s economy and the livelihood

    of the people;
  • That this could also threaten public order and national security;
  • That all leaders must constantly ensure that justice is meted

    out equitably and transparently based on the law;
  • That enforcement agencies and regulatory institutions

    including the judiciary should have transparency, credibility and

    integrity so as to be worthy of God’s trust and the people’s faith;
  • That leaders must always give priority to factors of security,

    tranquillity, peace and harmony and place national and the people’s

    concerns above their personal interests;
  • That leaders of political parties and non-governmental

    organisations must not sensationalise racial and religious issues to

    garner support from the people for their parties or for themselves;

  • That the harmony and solidarity of the people should be

    safeguarded at all times and never be sacrificed for shallow political


We cannot overstate the profound importance of the aforementioned views and concerns of the Rulers as so clearly and firmly articulated in the statement. On behalf of the Rakyat of Selangor, we commend our highest regard for their Royal Highnesses and express our deep and sincere appreciation for the views expressed and the invaluable advice given.

Mohamed Azmin Ali

Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor