5 August 2015

Press Release

Over the past week, the nation has witnessed the blatant display of police power in arresting and interrogating key personalities tasked with the investigation of the 1MDB scandal.

These acts of harassment, intimidation and detention are clearly aimed at obstructing the smooth progress of the investigations.

Particularly disturbing were the recent unwarranted raids and detention of three MACC and AGC officers whilst they were still actively engaged in the 1MDB investigations.

It is therefore incumbent on the MACC to use its powers within the law to thwart this illegal interference and do whatever is necessary to ensure that their 1MDB investigations proceed as it should.

Under Section 48 of the MACC Act, it is a criminal offence for anyone to obstruct an investigation by the MACC. There is no doubt that these acts by the police represent a gross interference and must be stopped without any undue delay.

It is crucial that the MACC must be allowed to carry out their duties without fear or favour.In this regard, I call on all right thinking Malaysians, political parties regardless of party lines and all members of civil society to rally behind the MACC to enable them to perform their duties.

This is absolutely essential in order to restore whatever credibility that is left of the state of the investigations of 1MDB.

Since the sacking of the Deputy Prime Minister and the sudden removal of the AG last week, we have witnessed one event after another which clearly points to a conspiracy to neutralize the 1MDB investigations.

Both the 1MDB Special Taskforce and the PAC appear to be halted in its tracks.

The 1MDB investigations must not be seen as a witch-hunt but as part of the process of the rule of law in the country. This is of vital importance to restoring investors’ confidence in our economy and financial system.


Chief Minister of Selangor

Deputy President, People’s Justice Party