Last Sunday a Muslim family of five in Canada were brutally mowed down while waiting to cross a street, leaving four people dead and a nine-year-old boy seriously injured. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones and relatives of the innocent victims spanning three generations, mercilessly killed simply because of their Islamic faith.

Despicable acts of Islamophobia ranging from hate speech to outright violence are on the rise again and must be condemned by all right thinking persons regardless of race or religion.

While we applaud the swift action of the authorities in apprehending and charging the perpetrator with murder, it remains a matter of grave concern that innocent folk continue to be targeted with acts of extreme violence, including mass murder, just because of their religion or ethnicity.

These acts are also a manifestation of the prevalence of a culture of anti-immigrant hatred, racism, and the mushrooming of far-right groups. We therefore continue to call on the authorities to exercise vigilance and to tackle these problems holistically.

Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali
Senior Minister
Minister of International Trade and Industry
8 June 2021