15 JULY 2016

Carnage in Nice

I condemn in the strongest terms last night’s horrendous attack in Nice that killed at least 80 people and injured scores who were celebrating Bastille Day.

My prayers go out to the victims and their families in this outrageous act of mass murder.

While no group has claimed responsibility yet, there is no doubt that this is another instance of terrorism claiming the lives of innocent civilians including infants and mothers holding their babies.

Whatever may be the reason or cause, these acts of carnage can never be justified. While the attacker – the truck driver – has been killed, the presence of other weapons and explosives points to a pattern of terrorist acts which are being perpetrated across the world, often in the name of Islam.

Let us remain firm in condemnation of these heinous crimes and reject the notion that they can ever be justified in the name of Islam.

The perpetrators of these barbaric and merciless actsare the enemies of Islam. The principle of moderation and justice must prevail and we must stay resolute in our fight against the scourge of terrorism.