In view of the recent developments concerning the redelineation of electoral boundaries, we wish to remind the Elections Commission that they are not a power unto themselves and must act constitutionally and in the interest of the people.

Arbitrary redelineation of electoral constituencies is tantamount to a violation of the legitimate expectations of the people who are constitutionally entitled to exercise their voting rights and make their relevant choices of representatives in accordance to the observed track record of service and contribution made by the representatives.

Displacing voters from their constituencies without proper justification is therefore a denial of their legitimate expectations to the representatives and representation of their choice.

In this regard, on 21 September 2016 I had written a letter to the EC seeking an explanation about the redelineation and related issues. I had also stated that the proposal, as it is, was unconstitutional.

Yesterday, I received a reply from the EC that has completely failed to address the key issues raised leaving one with the distinct impression that they have no justification for the redelineation.

The EC must act in a responsible manner and not brush off serious questions upon such fundamental and crucial matters which go to the very basis of our democracy.

In view of the position taken by the EC in their letter, I and the State government will be instructing our lawyers to look into all legal options that are available to us.