PRESS RELEASE: Stop these acts of police intimidation

30 March 2015

We condemn in the strongest terms the illegal and totally unwarranted police raid at the party’s headquarters this afternoon. It is unconstitutional and a gross abuse of power and amounts to an attack on the opposition collectively.

We hold the Inspector-General of Police and Home Minister responsible for this barbaric display of power and demand that they put an immediate stop to the harassment and high handed police action.

This current spate of arrests of leaders of the opposition and NGOs and the relentless efforts to have them remanded for no apparent reason are nothing but a blatant and shameless attempt at disrupting legitimate political activity by the opposition and civil society groups and turning Malaysia into a one-party state.

Many of those arrested and detained are also lawmakers who are duty-bound by their oaths of office as elected representatives to serve the rakyat. Not only is ‘KitaLawan’ a legitimate form of protest allowed under our constitution but to attempt to stop such activity is to wilfully prevent these leaders from performing their duties. It is akin to trampling on the people’s constitutional rights and freedoms and undermines the rule of law.

We also condemn the manner in which PAS leaders Mohamed Sabu and YB Khalid Samad were arrested. Deploying men in balaclava masks to arrest them in the middle of the night as if they were terrorists is completely uncalled for and smacks of police intimidation.