9 JUNE 2017

The Selangor Government is engaged in legal action over the unjust redelineation exercise by the EC. We are shocked by the sudden rush and irregular manner with which the dates were fixed today by the registrar of the Court of Appeal for hearing a pending appeal in this action.

As this is a matter of immense public interest touching on the constitutional voting rights of citizens, it is incumbent on the Selangor Government as a litigant to seek an explanation for this puzzling change of circumstances.

First, without giving any reasons, the matter that had been fixed for case management on 6 July 2017 was brought forward to 9th June 2017. Secondly the court registrar insisted on the unreasonably early date of 20 June 2017, in spite of objections from our counsel that the date was not suitable. Our lawyers were told that this was being done on the direct instruction of the Chief Justice.

Again, no reasons were given as to why this early and unsuitable date was insisted upon.