We are pleased with the decision of the High Court today granting leave to proceed with our judicial review application. We are hopeful that the final resolution will see the rights of the rakyat prevail.

The court has rightly ordered a stay on all local inquiries by SPR until the resolution of the legal challenge by the State of Selangor.

This challenge against the SPR’s redelineation recommendation is very important because of its wide impact and the serious questions raised on the independence of the EC, gerrymandering and malapportionment.

Our position is that the proposed redelineation will adversely affect the rights of voters and undermine the process of free and fair elections.

For example, the proposed transfer of N37 Bukit Lanjan to P106 Damansara, in effect doubling the size of the constituency (from 85,366 voters to 150,439 voters), represents the worst case of malapportionment for a parliamentary constituency in Selangor. This is clearly in breach of Section 2(c) of the Thirteenth Schedule to the Federal Constitution.

The Selangor government will do whatever it takes to safeguard the constitutional rights of the rakyat and to oppose all arbitrary measures or attempts at denying the legitimate expectations of the people to enjoy their electoral freedoms.