1. Thank you for joining us today for this inaugural international trade expo and supporting us in this great endeavor.

2. Indeed, this is a very significant expo as it brings together business owners from not just Selangor but from all over the country, the ASEAN region and other parts of the world.

3. On behalf of Selangor, I would like to welcome all the participants – both visitors and exhibitors – from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom and Europe. You have made the right decision to come to Selangor and participate in this major event.

4. We are confident that this Expo will be a great platform for trade, investment and business expansion within the highly developed industrial and economic eco-system of Selangor.

5. The State of Selangor is the largest contributor to the national economy totaling about one quarter of the Gross Domestic Product of Malaysia.

6. We are strategically located as a regional centre with major infrastructure facilities such as Port Klang as well as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

7. Our economy grows on average at a rate of more than 5 % per annum and attracts investors from all over the world. We have always maintained an open-door policy to traders and investors since the old days.

8. It is no surprise therefore that we have become a destination of choice for corporations from Japan, the US, Korea, China and Taiwan, Germany, the UK, France, Singapore, Australia and Thailand among many others.

9. In recent years, Selangor’s investment inflows have shifted to high-quality investment projects driven by highly specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. They play a crucial role in supporting many major multinational giants already invested in the state.

10. Our new core clusters span sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, E&E, Life Sciences, Food and Machinery. In this regard, the Selangor International Expo 2015 is part and parcel of our initiatives to strengthen the competitiveness and development of these sectors and clusters.

11. In our budget for 2016, I announced that Selangor will embark on a transformational leap to become a Smart State that will, among other things, take us to the next level in industrial and economic development.

12. Integral to this paradigm change is our new industrial master plan, a transport master plan, educational programmes and initiatives, and a restructuring of our essential power and water utilities.

13. These initiatives are all subsumed under an economic blueprint that is humane and caring and guided by a policy of governance based on accountability and transparency.

14. I therefore assure all our investors that in return for your ventures and confidence in us, we will give you a clean, open and efficient government.

15. With all these frameworks in place, Selangor will not only have a bright future, but will remain the golden state of Malaysia.

16. Our youth is truly the future of our society and in Selangor we believe in entrepreneurship as a means of elevating the standard of living, becoming innovative, dynamic and advanced. The state government has introduced programmes to not only foster the employability, but the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people.

17. In this regard, it is fitting that I mention the initiative of YBDato’ Teng Chang Khim in our recent launching of the Selangor Digital Creative Centre. This is totally in line with our Smart Selangor vision and the SDCC will become a major training and knowledge centre for Selangor’s entrepreneurs.

18. I believe that this expo is more than a platform for traders as it will also offer a medium for exchange of goods, information, business opportunities and a venue to expand your horizon.

19. As ASEAN is a relatively new and trending market place, Selangor companies may use this platform to connect beyond our borders into the region and even the world.

20. Our foreign exhibitors and visitors should make use of Selangor as a gateway for the whole ASEAN region. We offer you a great business environment, a multilingual workforce and excellent connectivity.

21. Let this Expo be the new avenue of trade and investment as well as the bridge for building strong relationships and collaborations between successful and sustainable corporations, regions and states. Let us develop a better future and pave the way for growth and innovation.

Thank you.