Day: October 5, 2010

Syed Husin : I hope Keadilan will be led by leaders who are committed to the basic struggle of the Party, respectful of Party organizational discipline, tested through long and arduous struggles, good team players, uncompromising against corruption and upholding high moral values.

Statement By Dr Syed Husin Ali, Deputy President On His Position Vis-A-Vis The Central Party Election

Beginning 17th September, various Branches will start the process of proposing names of candidates for all positions in the Party. The time has come for me to state whether I will be defending my position as Deputy President or not.

Of late quite a number of Central, State, Division leaders and ordinary members have sent me sms or emails and phoned me asking or even urging that I should stand. They provided all kinds of reasons. I thank them all most sincerely.

Truly, I wish to see a younger and more active person to succeed me, although at the age of exactly 74 which falls next week, Insha Allah, I sometimes do not feel that old. I wish to devote more time on writing. Besides my wife, children and grang children, this is my great love.

For a long time I have indicated that I would like to withdraw from my position as Deputy President when the time came. I have consulted with with my family, a few Party leaders and a member of close friends. Now, I have decided not to stand.

But this does not mean that I will leave politics and the Party for good. I began my involvement in politics when I joined the Malaysian People’s Party in 1958. I have been Deputy President of the People’s Justice Party since 2003. Politics and the struggle for the people are in my flesh and blood. Thus it will not be easy to abandon them just like that.

I hope and pray that Keadilan, as well as its Women and Youth wings will be led by leaders who are committed to the basic struggle of the Party as stated in its Constitution, respectful of Party organizational discipline, tested through long and arduous struggles, good team players, uncompromising against all forms of corruption and upholding high moral values.

It rests upon the members to determine who they wans as leaders. The direct election process that has just been introduced by Keadilan gives every member a vote. It is very democratic. As far as I know this may be the only political party in the world that practices this process.

It is of utmost importance that his process is carried out, by every candidate standing and every member voting, in a fair, clean, transparent manner and free from the corruption of money politics.

Dr Syed Husin Ali

14 September 2010

API : Ramlan bukan aktivis reformasi

Kenyataan akhbar Kumpulan Angkatan Peduli Insan (API)

Kami, Kumpulan Angkatan Peduli Insan (API) adalah sebuah kumpulan yang mewakili lebih 1000 orang aktivis-aktivis reformasi di seluruh Malaysia.


1. Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa individu bernama Ramlan Abu Bakar bukanlah seorang aktivis reformasi kerana beliau tidak pernah terlibat dalam apa jua kegiatan reformasi sejak 1998.

2.Beliau tidak dikenali dikalangan aktivis reformasi.

3.Kerana itu Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) yang
beliau mengaku sebagai presiden bukanlah sebuah kumpulan yang
mewakili aktivis reformasi.

4.Kami menafikan sekeras-kerasnya tuduhan Ramlan dalam media bahawa Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali menawarkan ruang perniagaan di Uptown Gombak sebagai habuan kepada ahli-ahli kami untuk menjatuhkan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

5. Sebagai penjelasan, kami mengakui ahli-ahli kami mendapat
lesen perniagaan di Uptown Gombak, tetapi ia dipohon oleh ahli-ahli kami yang mempunyai pengalaman dalam perniagaan seumpama itu khususnya di Jalan Masjid India, KL dan bukanlah sebagai imbuhan untuk menjatuhkan menjatuhkan Menteri Besar selangor’ seperti yang didakwa Ramlan.

6. Proses pemberian lesen itu dijalankan secara telus dan mengikut merit.

7. Oleh itu kenyataan Ramlan bukanlah dari seorang reformis, sebaliknya sebagai ejen perosak. Kenyataan beliau juga bersifat fitnah dan berniat jahat.

8. Kami yakin kenyataan beliau didalangi oleh pihak-pihak luar dan musuh-musuh PKR serta Pakatan Rakyat yang ingin melagakan Azmin dan Khalid.


1. Kami aktivis reformasi menyokong penuh kerajaan negeri
Selangor di bawah pimpinan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

2. Kami juga menyokong penuh kempimpinan PKR di setiap peringkat.

3. Kami akan menentang setiap anasir-anasir jahat yang cuba
melagakan kepimpinan PKR dengan kerajaan Selangor.

Dikeluarkan oleh:

Ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Penaja API
Presiden: Badrul Hisham Hanafiah
Timbalan: Mohd Hamdi Said
Setiusaha: Norzairi Jantan
Bendahari: Abdul Rahman Hackeem

3 September 2010