Day: December 25, 2011

Christmas Message 2011

On this day, Christmas is celebrated in the world over spreading its message of peace on earth and goodwill towards all human beings. It is a time for family togetherness and a compassion for those with special needs and wants. May God inspire us to open our hearts to those in need of special attention and understanding. May God give us inspiration and urgency to reach out towards one another based on our commonalities as human beings and not allow our differences to keep us apart. Hence mutual respect between us must continue to be forged based on sincerity, rooted principles Kalimatus Sawa ‘; a word is equivalent to between us.

In Malaysia, our prospect for success as people lies in our resolve to spur and encourage one another to achieve understanding through mutual respect for one another and the desire that all Malaysians shall be the beneficiaries of our resources and progress. It is in this spirit that I wish all my Christian constituents, friends and colleagues a Blessed Christmas.

Mohamed Azmin Ali