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Press Release – Prime Minister Cameron’s Visit

31 JULY 2015

I wish to thank British Prime Minister David Cameron for giving me the opportunity to exchange views and share the concerns expressed by the civil society and concerned groups in Malaysia. I appreciate his willingness to spare time with me which indicates his recognition on the role of the opposition in a democracy.

On behalf of what I considered to be the concern shared collectively by the people of Malaysia, I said that at this point in time coinciding with his visit, the overriding and most pressing issue was the question of accountability of leaders in respect of the management of public finances. In view of the various issues surrounding the use of billions of ringgit of the state coffers, there has been a startling lack of transparency, and the people are demanding answers to the allegations of financial improprieties raised.

I told Prime Minister Cameron that apart from issues of corruption at high places, there was also the linkage with questions of money laundering, a problem which the United Kingdom as well as other EU countries are also battling. I said that whatever may be the underlying purpose of such activities, the net effect would be damaging to the country’s socio-economic well-being. And where there is the appearance of collusion at high places, it would spell disaster for the nation, politically, in the long run.

I also apprised Prime Minister Cameron of the situation of Opposition Leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is languishing in prison on account of the politically motivated sodomy prosecution against him.

Miscarriage of justice to Anwar must be rectified and he must be released to continue leading the opposition. I also raised Anwar Ibrahim’s health problem and his treatment in prison as a political prisoner.

Prime Minister Cameron told me he would bring up these matters with Prime Minister Najib when he meets him later. He also said he would open a channel of communication with civil society groups with regard to current and important matters.

Finally, as Chief Minister of Selangor, I welcome the initiative by Prime Minister Cameron to enhance trade and investment ties with Malaysia and look forward to further investments from the United Kingdom in Selangor.


31st July 2015

Mohamed Azmin Ali is the Chief Minister of Selangor and the Deputy President of People’s Justice Party. His blog can be accessed at

PM Britain bimbangkan Anwar, kata Azmin

Perdana Menteri Britain David Cameron menyatakan kebimbangan terhadap keadaan bekas ketua pembangkang yang dipenjarakan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali berkata Cameron juga menyatakan perkara itu dan kebimbangan lain kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“Cameron beritahu saya bahawa beliau telah bangkitkan beberapa isu kepada Najib dalam pertemuan mereka hari ini.

“Ini termasuk kebimbangan berkaitan Anwar, dan Cemeron berkata beliau (Anwar) harus diberikan rawatan perubatan, capaian kepada buku-buku dan rawatan sesuai,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas hadir ke sebuah acara di Kuala Lumpur malam ini.

Cameron juga mengadakan pertemuan peribadi dengan Azmin.

Sumber: Malaysiakini

Op-Ed by Azmin Ali on Cameron’s visit to Malaysia

28th July, 2015

While it is not for us to decide what UK Prime Minster David Cameron should hope to achieve from his visit to Southeast Asia, we would imagine that the improvement and enhancement of trade ties cannot be the be all and end all of a visit by the leader of one of the world’s leading democracies.

Mr Cameron’s overtures of late are indicative of a clear signal that Britain should look East and not just to India and China but to Southeast Asia as well. There is every reason why this part of the Asian world should welcome Mr Cameron’s visit apart from the fact that this region, with its vast growth potential, will soon be the fourth-largest single market in the world.

We understand Mr Cameron’s need to promote trade and expand business ties with Southeast Asia but surely the need to go “to the ends of the earth” to sell its wares cannot be satisfied at all costs. Surely, no one in his right mind would expect Mr Cameron to “sell his wares” to ISIS simply because they are the anti-thesis to freedom and democracy and to the fundamental principles of Islamic statehood itself. Nor would we be surprised that Mr Cameron is not prepared to go to Thailand because of the military coup that brought the current leaders there to power in May last year. Why then, are we expected to understand that Mr Cameron’s visit to Malaysia is perfectly above board and is the right and proper thing to do?

If David Cameron could see it fit to avoid visiting Bangkok on account of the democracy-deficit, it stands to reason that similar reservations should be held in relation to Malaysia. Where is the moral difference between staying clear of a military dictator and of a leader who is embroiled in a money-laundering scandal of unprecedented proportions? And that is just for starters.

It is already a widely known fact that Prime Minister Najib Razak has been implicated in allegations that more than RM2 billion linked to the 1MDB funds was transferred to his personal account as was first exposed by the Wall Street Journal. These allegations have to this day not been categorically denied by the Prime Minister except for flimsy explanations that “I have never received money for personal gain”.

David Cameron’s meeting with the leader of an administration that has also been tainted by its relentless prosecution of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will no doubt give the impression that the UK government condones political persecution. Anwar is a prisoner of conscience who had taken the political opposition in the last general election to victory and would have become Prime Minister but for the widespread fraud perpetrated by the Najib government. Incidentally, the scandal concerning the fund transfer to his personal account coincided with the holding of the last general election.

Meanwhile, the Edge magazine which has been playing a major role in exposing the financial shenanigans surrounding 1MDB has been suspended from publication for “reasons of national security and public order.” No other explanation could be more ludicrous than that. All right thinking groups, NGOs, politicians who believe in press freedom have roundly condemned this arbitrary use of executive power even as they continue to be threatened with arrests and prosecution. Indeed, we have made it clear that this suspension not only threatens press freedom but is a violation of the people’s right to information.

It is also true that Malaysia and Indonesia are trying to confront Islamist extremism, in as much as this represents a threat to freedom and democracy. The passage of anti-terror laws purportedly to counter this threat is understandable and must be supported but only as long as such laws do not undermine the rule of law and constitutional freedoms that are part and parcel of a democracy based on the Westminster model of government.

In this regard, Mr Cameron should be aware that the recently passed Prevention of Terrorism Act is one such legislation that does not meet the basic procedural and substantive safeguards required of such a constitutional democracy.This is not a law that promises to empower “moderate and reforming Muslim voices” – that much taunted “new counter-terrorism strategy” that Mr Cameron subscribes to. It is a law that takes away time-honoured judicial discretionary power in sentencing and runs the high risk of being abused by the executive, a predisposition already established by the government’s repeated use of the Sedition Act to silence political dissent and opposition.

The public relations fanfare that had heralded Najib’s coming to office as Prime Minister six years ago with the promise of more open government, greater democratic space and accountability and transparency in governance has proven to be indeed nothing more than a huge public relations exercise at the expense of the tax payers’ money.

Under these circumstances, visiting Mr Najib sends a message that Mr Cameron is willing to risk blemishing the UK’s reputation as a country which supports freedom, democracy, the rule of law and good governance.

*Azmin Ali is currently the Chief Minister of the State of Selangor and Deputy President of the People’s Justice Party (Keadilan)

Kenyataan Media YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor


28 JULAI 2015

Malaysia terjerumus ke gaung krisis yang makin parah dengan penyingkiran Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dari kabinet hanya beberapa hari selepas beliau memberi kenyataan Perdana Menteri perlu memberikan jawapan kepada skandal 1MDB.

Pemecatan Abdul Ghani Patail selaku Peguam Negara, salah seorang anggota panel menyiasat skandal 1MDB, memberikan gambaran Perdana Menteri bertindak untuk mempertahankan kedudukan dan regimnya dari disiasat oleh panel bebas atas pelbagai salahguna kuasa dan rasuah yang melibatkan berbilion ringgit.

Negara memerlukan reformasi menyeluruh untuk memulihkan keyakinan rakyat dan masyarakat antarabangsa demi menyelamatkan ekonomi negara dan menjamin kesejahteraan rakyat.

Ahli-ahli parlimen tanpa mengira parti perlu bersatu padu untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia. Rakyat tidak memberikan dukungan kepada mana-mana ahli parlimen untuk duduk diam dan membiarkan negara menjunam ke dalam gaung krisis yang semakin parah.

Dalam pertemuan saya selama lebih dua jam pada Jumaat lalu, Dato’ Seri Anwar menyampaikan pesan agar rakyat Malaysia dan NGO bersatu untuk bersama dalam membawa perubahan.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat telah memulakan siri jelajah Amanat Presiden sejak seminggu yang lalu untuk memupuk perpaduan dalam parti sebagai asas untuk menggembleng kekuatan rakyat dan semua kekuatan politik dalam negara untuk melaksanakan perubahan.

Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor |
Timbalan Presiden, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN)

Azmin condemns suspension of The Edge

I condemn in the strongest terms the decision by the Home Ministry today to suspend the publishing permit of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for three months.

Such a move is not just an attack on press freedom but a violation of the people’s right to information concerning matters of such grave concern as the 1MDB scandal which involves fundamental financial improprieties involving billions of ringgit.

To my mind, exposing a national scandal involving grand theft of the people’s money is not only permissible but obligatory for those who have the means to do so such as the media. This is all the more pressing and urgent considering the circumstances which we are in.

In fact, the Edge would be failing in its duty if it did not report this mother of all scandals.
We find it ridiculous for the Home Ministry to say that such media reporting is prejudicial to public and national interest. The only people who will be prejudiced by the exposes are the parties whose hands are tainted by their complicity in this conspiracy to plunder the nation’s wealth. Innocent parties must surely welcome such exposes.

All right thinking Malaysians must therefore join in condemning this arbitrary use of power by the Government and demand that it revokes such an irresponsible and reckless decision.

Mohamed Azmin Ali
Deputy President
People’s Justice Party

Supplemental Agreement For Restructuring And Consolidation Of Selangor Water Services Industry

JULY 10, 2015


PUTRAJAYA: The Supplemental Agreement for restructuring and consolidation of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya water services industry was signed at the Deputy Prime Minister’s office today, 10 July 2015.

The signing of the Supplemental Agreement to the Master Agreement dated 12 September 2014 follows the conclusion of the State Government of Selangor negotiations with the Government of Malaysia.

Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali hailed the signing as a landmark event as the Agreement will have a major and direct socio-economic impact on the people of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur numbering almost 8 million.

He said that this was the culmination of the tireless efforts to return the rights to water supply to the people and the water supply services restructuring can now proceed as planned.

“This signing clearly shows that the State Government can work well with the Federal Government when both parties are prepared to set aside extraneous concerns for the common good and welfare of the people. The people’s interest must come first over everything else,” he added.

In particular, he commended Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin Yassin – Deputy Prime Minister for showing leadership and conviction in ensuring that the water deal be resolved as soon as possible.

“I look forward to further and more productive engagement and collaboration between Shah Alam and Putra Jaya for the overall and long term good of the people,” he said.

The Menteri Besar thanked all the relevant parties for finally resolving the long drawn dispute that had arisen from the Master Agreement. He said that in spite of the various hiccups and protracted and tough negotiations, there was an underlying commitment to see the deal through.

He also applauded the spirit of co-operation and understanding of Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili – Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Ministry of Finance and all relevant agencies in particular negotiators from the State.

“Despite the challenges and criticisms, all parties have demonstrated in the discussions and negotiations a serious commitment to work towards an amicable and sustainable resolution for the benefit of the rakyat,” he added.

“Once the take-over and consolidation of the private water concession companies under State-owned entity Air Selangor is completed, all efforts will be focused on further improving the water treatment and distribution systems as well the overall water supply services”, he added.

“The journey begins now to further improve the overall water services to reduce the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and more critically to ensure sufficient water supply to consumers” he said.

The State Government via its wholly owned water company, Air Selangor, is implementing the restructuring and consolidation of the water services industry to ensure the provision of efficient, value for money and holistic water services from treatment to distribution of water supply to consumers.

The Federal Government and State Government together with Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB) and Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) had previously signed the Master Agreement as part of the efforts to restructure and consolidate the water supply services in Selangor and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

The water industry in Selangor will see the operations takeover and maintenance of water treatment facilities as well to increase the capacity of the facilities in using the latest technology.

Among other things, the Supplemental Agreement allows the water restructuring exercise to proceed without Selangor giving up its land whilst still complying with the requirements of the Water Services Industry Act, 2006. The Supplemental Agreement also extends the period for completing the Master Agreement by 60 days commencing from the date of the Supplemental Agreement.

In the interest of expediting the water restructuring exercise without further delay, the dispute on the ownership of the Sungai Semenyih and Bukit Nanas Water Treatment Plants will now be addressed separately between the Federal and State Government. The State has agreed to provide alternative water assets to PAAB in consideration for up to RM2 billion in funds to finance Air Selangor’s acquisition of the private water concession companies in Selangor.

The extension of the completion date of the Master Agreement will also facilitate the completion of the Sales and Purchase Agreement signed between Air Selangor and Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad for the purchase the latter’s equity stakes in Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) and Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd.


Perutusan Eidul Fitr 1436 H Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor

10 Julai 2015
23 Ramadhan 1436H

Kita telah sampai kepada hari-hari penghujung Ramadhan yang mulia. Kita telah bersama-sama melaksanakan Jihad Al-Akbar seperti yang disebutkan oleh Rasulullah SAW kepada para sahabat tatkala pulang dari perang Badar yang berlaku dalam bulan Ramadhan: “Kamu pulang dari Jihad Al-Asghar, jihad kecil, kepada Jihad Al-Akbar, jihad yang lebih besar.” Sahabat-sahabat Baginda bertanya, “Apakah itu Jihad Al-Akbar?” Jawab baginda, “Jihad melawan hawa nafsu.”

Nafsu amarah, nafsu serakah, egoisme adalah penyakit yang menghinggapi manusia, individu mahupun kolektif. Nafsu amarah mencipta sengketa, perbalahan, peperangan dan pertumpahan darah dan penindasan di sana sini. Akibat dari nafsu serakah, dunia dan kelangsungan manusia diancam oleh perubahan iklim. Negara berada dijurang kemuflisan kerana segelintir manusia menjadi hamba nafsu serakah. Wang rakyat dijadikan wang sendiri. Dan egoisme menyempitkan dada manusia dari melihat kebajikan rakyat yang lebih utama dan luas.

Maka Ramadhan adalah Madrasah Ruhiyyah, bulan penyucian diri dari penyakit hati, memerangi hawa nafsu dan ego. Jihad Ma’nawi ini pastinya akan membawa keberkatan dan kerahmatan kepada umat Islam dan umat manusia keseluruhannya. Hari ini istilah “jihad” dikelirukan. Golongan militan yang membunuh manusia tidak berdosa, Islam dan bukan Islam, mendakwa mereka melaksanakan jihad. Kekeliruan ini ditambah oleh media antarabangsa yang menggelarkan pengganas Islam sebagai “jihadist”.

Kehidupan insan adalah satu perjuangan yang punya marhalah-marhalah atau tingkat-tingkatnya. Imam Ibnul Qayyim ketika memperkatakan tentang marhalah-marhalah ini, memulakannya dengan jihad melawan nafsu untuk mempelajari kebenaran, kemudian jihad beramal dengannya, kemudian jihad bersabar di atas bebanan amal tersebut. Semua ini dikira sebagai jihad. Mana-mana kekurangan pada marhalah-marhalah ini atau tergopoh-gapah kadang-kadang tidak membawa kepada amal yang dituntut.

Alhamdulillah, dalam bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ini saya bertuah dapat mengiringi DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor menjelajah masjid-masjid di seluruh pelusuk Negeri bagi menjalani pelbagai kegiatan amal seperti memberi bantuan kepada anak-anak yatim dan fakir miskin, iftar serta solat tarawih bersama rakyat jelata. Inisiatif DYMM Tuanku telah memberikan dorongan kepada pengurusan masjid untuk meningkatkan kegiatan ibadah, ilmu dan kebajikan dalam kerangka melaksanakan Jihad Ma’nawi untuk mencapai keberkatan kepada rakyat dan solidariti sesama manusia.

Dengan semangat ini, Kerajaan Negeri Selangor melihat setiap usaha untuk merancakkan pembangunan berkualiti dan membela nasib rakyat sebagai Jihad Ma’nawi. Dan inisiatif DYMM Tuanku menemui rakyat perlu dicontohi oleh semua peringkat kepimpinan agar sentiasa mendampingi rakyat dan tidak mencipta jarak antara pemimpin dengan rakyat.

Kita juga perlu mengambil iktibar dari keperibadian dan susuk kepimpinan Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab. Tarikh al-Tabari melaporkan Khalifah Umar berkata: “Apabila saya berada dalam kedudukan yang selesa, tetapi rakyat sukar menemui saya; maka saya terus turun ke tempat yang sama taraf dengan rakyatku.”

Dalam pemerintahan Khalifah Umar, Negara Islam berkembang pesat di Timur Tengah, menakluki Syria, Iraq dan Mesir. Tarikh al-Tabari melaporkan hasrat Umar untuk menjelajah segenap pelusuk negara menemui rakyatnya: “Jika saya hidup, Insya Allah, saya akan berjalan sepanjang tahun untuk menemui rakyat. Gabenor-Gabenor tidak perlu memberi tahu saya dan mereka juga tidak perlu datang menemui saya. Saya akan pergi ke Syam (Syria) dan akan duduk di sana selama dua bulan. Kemudian saya akan pergi ke Jazirah (Iraq) dan duduk di sana selama dua bulan. Kemudian saya akan ke Mesir dan duduk di sana selama dua bulan. Kemudian saya akan pergi ke Bahrain dan duduk di sana dua bulan. Kemudian saya akan pergi ke Kufah dan duduk di sana dua bulan. Kemudian saya akan pergi ke Basrah dan duduk di sana dua bulan. Alangkah bagusnya tahun itu.”

Dengan mendampingi rakyat kita dapat menyelami harapan, hasrat dan permasalahan mereka. Dengan memahami hasrat dan permasalahan mereka barulah kita dapat merangka kebijakan dan dasar yang bersesuaian untuk memenuhi keperluan mereka. Pemimpin tidak boleh bersikap angkuh bahawa mereka tahu segala-galanya hanya dengan membaca berita dan laporan dari pegawai. Gejala putus hubungan atau disconnect dari rakyat sudah barang pasti akan menggasir keberkesanan kerajaan dalam menjalankan amanah rakyat. Sebaliknya dengan berusaha mendampingi rakyat, memerah daya fikiran untuk membela nasib mereka, Insya Allah, kita akan diberikan petunjuk, seperti firman Allah SWT: “Mereka yang berjuang ke jalan Kami, nescaya Kami akan tunjukkan jalan-jalan Kami. Sesungguhnya Tuhan beserta dengan orang-orang yang berbuat baik.” (Surah Al- Ankabut : Ayat 69).

Tatkala kita menjalankan ibadah puasa kita tidak boleh melupakan saudara-saudara kita; umat Islam Rohingya yang melarikan diri dari negara mereka akibat penindasan agama; umat Islam Uighur di Cina yang dihalang berpuasa, lebih dari 150,000 mengharungi Lautan Mediterranean untuk mencari perlindungan di Eropah akibat kekacauan di negara-negara mereka. Perang di Yemen, perang saudara di Syria dan pertempuran dengan ISIS terus meragut nyawa umat Islam, kemusnahan harta benda dan menyebabkan penderitaan tak terkira kepada, kanak-kanak, wanita dan orang tua.

Dekad-dekad terakhir ini merupakan zaman gelap di dunia Islam sejak runtuhnya Empayar Uthmaniyah 100 tahun lalu. Beberapa negara Islam di bom, kedaulatan negara diceroboh dan ditakluki oleh kuasa besar. Arab Spring, kebangkitan rakyat menjatuhkan pemerintahan kuku besi di Timur Tengah dipatahkan dengan rampasan kuasa di Mesir dan perang saudara di Syria dan Libya. Ketiadaan perpaduan di kalangan negara-negara Islam untuk mewujudkan dialog ke arah penyelesaian sengketa mengakibatkan dunia Islam berantakan dan beberapa negara Islam menjadi boneka kepada kuasa besar asing.

Ulama dari pelbagai mazhab dan cendekiawan dunia Islam telah berusaha untuk mencari jalan membanteras keganasan dan persengketaan yang terbit akibat perbedaan mazhab dengan menghasilkan Pesanan Amman. Pesanan tersebut, hasil dari Inisiatif Raja Jordan, Raja Abdullah Kedua perlu diberikan perhatian serius dan wajar disebarluaskan ke segenap lapisan umat.

Kita bersyukur kerana dalam masa dunia Islam dilanda perang dan sengketa, umat Islam di Asia Tenggara terus hidup dalam suasana aman dan tenteram serta dapat memberikan tumpuan kepada pembangunan ekonomi, sosial dan pendidikan. Namun kita juga masih menghadapi cabaran. Kita berhadapan dengan isu pelarian Rohingya dan percubaan ISIS yang cuba melebarkan sayapnya ke rantau ini. Justeru itu usaha Nahdlatul Ulama, yang mendapat dukungan dari Presiden Jokowi, mengemukakan konsep Islam Nusantara boleh membangun citra Islam yang lebih lunak, yang sebati dengan budaya dan sejarah dakwah Islam di rantau ini sejak dari zaman kedatangan Islam secara aman.

Meskipun umat Islam Asia Tenggara belum pernah mencipta tamadun yang gemilang seperti yang pernah dicapai oleh Bani Abbasiah yang berpusat di Baghdad, Andalusia, Uthmaniah, Mughal di India dan Safawi di Iran, namun umat Islam Asia Tenggara telah berjaya membina pembangunan secara kumulatif sejak pasca Perang Dunia Kedua. Dari segi jumlah penduduk Islam, Asia Tenggara merupakan rantau terbesar dunia Islam namun sehingga kini rantau ini masih dilihat sebagai rantau pinggiran atau periphery. Dengan kerancakan ekonomi, pembangunan sosial dan pendidikan, umat Islam rantau ini berpotensi berubah dari pinggir menjadi paksi.

Bagi Malaysia, Indonesia dan rantau ini keseluruhannya menjadi paksi kepada dunia Islam kita perlu memberikan keutamaan kepada membangun demokrasi yang menyelesaikan masalah rakyat, melaksanakan pembangunan berkualiti, membina institusi-institusi pendidikan dan penyelidikan untuk melahirkan insan berilmu dan berketrampilan. Negara majoriti Islam rantau ini perlu memupuk muafakat moral untuk memainkan peranan yang bermakna dalam isu-isu antarabangsa, persoalan perdamaian dan penghapusan konflik.

Namun keberkesanan peranan negara seperti Malaysia dalam arena antarabangsa amat bergantung kepada modal moral yang kita miliki. Modal ini diperolehi melalui demokrasi yang telus dan kewibawaan pemimpin negara yang bebas dari tohmahan rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa. Justeru itu, rakyat perlu bangkit untuk menuntut reformasi institusi-institusi negara dan membersihkan negara dari pemimpin rasuah. Hanya dengan cara ini kita boleh mengembalikan maruah negara dan memiliki kekuatan moral untuk memainkan peranan di pentas dunia.

Di kesempatan ini, mengambil kesempatan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa Kerajaan Negeri dan Kerajaan Persekutuan telah berjaya memuktamadkan Penstrukturan Semula Industri Air Selangor dengan termeterainya Perjanjian Tambahan di antara kedua-dua Kerajaan Negeri dan Persekutuan menerusi Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB) dan Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) pada 10 Julai 2015. Perjanjian ini merupakan satu mercutanda yang akan memastikan kelangsungan kepada ekonomi dan sosial rakyat Negeri Selangor.

Perjanjian ini sangat penting kerana air merupakan talian hayat kepada kehidupan rakyat dan industri. Mereka, penghuni rumah dan pengguna industri, berhak menerima bekalan air berkualiti dan tanpa gangguan. Sebagai negeri yang paling pesat membangun, Selangor menghadapi peningkatan cabaran dalam membekalkan air akibat peningkatan penduduk dan kepesatan pembangunan industri. Dengan perjanjian ini, Selangor akan mengambil alih keseluruhan industri air di Selangor untuk manfaat rakyat.

Akhirnya, setelah menjalani tarbiah Ramadhan selama sebulan saya mendoakan Allah SWT memberikan kita kekuatan dan keikhlasan untuk melipatgandakan usaha dan amal yang membawa kemakmuran kepada semua. Setelah menjalani Jihad Al-Akbar marilah kita merayakan fitrah insani yang dipenuhi dengan sifat-sifat kemuliaan yang dikurniakan Allah SWT.

Eid Mubarak.