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Don’t dictate on pact before it’s formed, Guan Eng urged

Source : Malaysiakini

PKR vice-president Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin has urged DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng not to dictate on the new opposition coalition before it is formally formed.

Reminding that the discussion is presently at an infancy stage, the Bukit Katil MP said the opposition parties should not be on a collision course.

“Even Parti Amanah Negara deputy chairperson Salahuddin Ayub has come out with a statement welcoming PAS. I think enough is enough and Lim should not dictate the yet-to-be coalition,” he said in a statement.

Shamsul (photo) added that Lim and Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh should be magnanimous.

He was commenting on Lim’s remark asking PKR deputy president Azmin Ali to explain why PAS should remain in the opposition pact, and Ramkarpal’s statement that PKR was wrong to continue working with PAS.

Shamsul said past coalitions failed due to three factors, namely it was a mere convenience electoral pact to face BN in elections, no middle party to form the fulcrum, and thirdly the existence of meddling in the affairs of other parties, namely criticising leaders openly.

In the efforts to strengthen and enlarge Pakatan Rakyat into what he calls a “Super Pakatan”, they must take strategic steps, he added.

“Firstly, it should not be an electoral pact or a coalition for political convenience. It must be a coalition based on principles to achieve the desired objectives together,” he said.

PKR must be seen as fulcrum

Explaining further, Shamsul added that Pakatan policy is based on PKR’s contribution and this he thinks need to be strengthened.

This is what PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail emphasised when inviting those who have the same ideals to unite.”

Secondly, he said, PKR must be seen as the fulcrum or the anchor party, and for this it had to be the strongest party which cannot be troubled, belittled, and threatened by others.

Shamsul said for this purpose PKR should increase its membership, leaders and talent bank, and on the same note welcomed Tumpat MP Kamaruddin Jaafar and former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Mohd Taib into PKR.

He also called upon the opposition coalition to practice the Wesphalia principle adopted by Asean, a system of non-interference into the affairs of another country.

Similarly, Shamsul said political parties in the new opposition coalition should respect each other and such principle can help maintain order.

He said PKR de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is inclusive in his leadership qualities, makes him a true leader.

“Hence, it is not wise for Lim and Ramkarpal (photo) to continuously attack Azmin. The nation should matter first, not personal feelings,” he reasoned.

MEDIA STATEMENT : Opposition parties must cease finger pointing and rebuild cooperation

As Malaysian Ringgit fell into a 17-year low and all indicators show that the country’s economy is now in deep crisis, the people’s anxiety is all time high. Our political situation is further worsen by stubborn insistence of Prime Minister Najib holding on to power amid multiple exposure of scandals.

This is the time that the people are at a lost and looking towards the Opposition for political leadership. The public frustration over the ruling power increases by the day. By right, all opposition forces and civil society actors should unite and chart forward to overcome the the morally bankrupt BN government.

I find it quite disturbing that not only that we are unable to provide a compass for the way forward, political leaders are publicly attacking each others and further eroding the people’s confidence towards the opposition parties which they had voted for.

In this respect, I would like to urge all leaders from the opposition front to cease all forms of antagonistic exchanges immediately and to focus on the imminent crisis faced by the Malaysian people. In particularly, the opposition supporters are extremely concerned and uneasy with the divisions within PAS. It seems that separation of certain segments of PAS members and legislators is inevitable. While respecting PAS’ right to defend its party pride, it is also equally important for PAS leaders to be open-minded and magnanimous in dealing with their ex-comrades.I believe that forgiveness and benevolence are consistent to the Islamic values propagated by PAS.

Meanwhile as we welcome the birth of a new political force to be known as Parti Amanah Negara, we are mindful that we shall not fall into the enemy’s trap and allow the opposition to become more fragmented. In democracy, ideological diversity does not necessary undermine our political strength but instead it broadens our support base. From this perspective, the conciliatory gesture from Amanah leaders such as Salahuddin Ayub, Dr Dzul etc in their latest statements is timely and appropriate.

Further, we also appeal to DAP leaders to hold back any hostile posturing towards other opposition parties. We understand fully the ground of DAP’s skepticism towards PAS as a coalition partner. Criticisms by DAP leaders towards PAS were not totally unfounded. Nonetheless, KEADILAN also hope DAP could appreciate our efforts and strategy in dealing with the complexity of the opposition coalition.

In response to Penang CM and DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, we would like to reiterate Selangor MB Azmin Ali did not utter his private viewpoint. Instead, the stance articulated by Azmin Ali is exactly the position adopted by KEADILAN as a party. As we are mindful of our differences with PAS or any parties, yet they shall not hinder our continuous engagement. KEADILAN acknowledged the existence of some major disagreements in policy issues with PAS. It warrants more intensive debate and engagement with its leadership but not by the severance of ties with our allies.

KEADILAN is committed to a strategy focusing on fighting the common enemy that is the corrupted regime of Umno. In any circumstance, we will consistently seek cooperation with any forces that share the same objective.

We accept that all sides may have good reasons to insist on their respective standpoints. However the prolonged arguments and accusations frustrate the ordinary citizens who are in deep suffering and find no way out. KEADILAN calls on all parties to ceasefire and begin to reflect deeply to find solutions to fulfill the people’s expectation.

KEADILAN will embark a new process of rebuilding a new platform of cooperation starting with a series of bilateral and multilateral discussions and negotiations. We must avoid repeating the same mistake by rushing into launching a new coalition pact hastily. Any political pact to be launched must ensure the broadest spectrum of political movements represented. Inclusivity is the key to create a strong consolidated force to challenge Umno in the next GE. To achieve this, KEADILAN will facilitate a series of confidence building measures with all parties including PAS, DAP, PAN and others.

In the meantime, leaders of all parties should show to their voters wisdom and rationality. Stop all finger pointing in faulting one another, let’s move beyond our own partisan interests and provide a workable cooperation to lift the nation up from this scandal-riddled mess.

YB Tian Chua
Vice President KEADILAN

Amanah sedia kerjasama dengan sesiapa sahaja termasuk PAS, kata Timbalan Pengerusi

Sumber : The Malaysian Insider

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) sedia menjalinkan kerjasama dengan mana-mana pihak termasuk PAS selagi matlamat mereka tetap sama iaitu menyelamatkan Malaysia, kata timbalan pengerusinya Salahuddin Ayub.

Dalam kenyataannya hari ini, Salahuddin berkata, dalam usaha menumbangkan Barisan Nasional (BN), mereka komited meneruskan kesinambungan penubuhan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) 2.0 yang akan diwujudkan kemudian.

“Sejak daripada awal penubuhan Gerakan Harapan Baru, saya menyatakan sikap kami sentiasa terbuka untuk bekerjasama dengan mana-mana pihak sama ada parti politik, organisasi bukan kerajaan (NGO) atau mana-mana individu yang meletakkan matlamat menyelamatkan Malaysia dan masa depan rakyat dan negara,” kata Salahuddin.

Bekas naib presiden PAS itu berkata, pendirian Amanah berhubung perkara itu juga tidak pernah berubah.

“Saya ingin menegaskan pendirian itu tidak pernah berubah sekalipun kami kini bergerak atas nama Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) yang akan dilancarkan secara rasmi pada 16 September ini.

“Amanah komited meneruskan kesinambungan perjuangan rakyat bersama semua parti politik pembangkang melalui muafakat politik baru, PR 2.0 yang akan diwujudkan nanti, dalam usaha untuk menumbangkan BN,” katanya.

Beliau bagaimanapun berkata, kesediaan untuk bekerjasama dan berunding itu hanya akan berlaku sekiranya terdapat keperluan untuk tujuan itu.

“Sebagai sebuah parti politik Islam yang mengangkat nilai inklusif, tentunya Amanah terbuka untuk berunding, termasuk dengan PAS, atau mana-mana pihak lain, jika wujudnya keperluan itu.

“Bagi Amanah, jiwa besar kami adalah mahu menggembeling semua pihak, agar negara ini dapat diselamatkan daripada segala kebejatan yang berlaku akibat tindakan rakus dan salah urus kerajaan BN,” katanya.

Ahli Parlimen Sepang Mohamed Hanipa Maidin sebelum ini berkata, pihaknya tidak yakin PAS akan membawa permuafakatan dan menguntungkan gabungan pembangkang baharu.

Malah katanya, kehadiran PAS dalam gabungan baharu itu tidak dapat diterima DAP yang sememangnya diketahui berbeza pendapat dengan pemimpin parti Islam itu.

“Bagi saya dengan sikap, gaya politik dan stail saf kepimpinan PAS yang ada sekarang, saya tidak rasa PAS adalah aset kepada PR 2.0.
“Saya juga tidak nampak bagaimana DAP boleh menerima keberadaan PAS dalam PR 2.0 setelah apa yang DAP rasai dalam PR dulu,” katanya.

Hanipa mengakui kekuatan PAS yang memiliki sokongan orang Melayu perlu diambil kira, tetapi gabungan baharu juga perlu memikirkan kesan daripada para pengundi bukan Melayu yang tidak menyokong PAS kerana sikap mereka dalam PR sebelum ini. – 8 September, 2015.

Press Release: Opposition must stand united to tackle current crisis

I refer to Keadilan’s position to be inclusive and to work with all opposition parties, be it DAP or PAS or Amanah and NGOs, who are opposed to the misrule of the BN.

The public is relying upon us to bring change and reform to our country, especially in the current worsening political and economic situation. All of us- Keadilan, DAP, PAS, Amanah and various NGOs- owe it to the public to set aside all our differences and work together to save the country.

There have been several statements attributing Keadilan’s decision to be inclusive solely to party deputy president and Selangor MB Azmin Ali.

That is incorrect.

This was a decision of the party, and not of any one individual leader.

For the sake of the people, all forces arrayed against PM Najib and the BN must unite and cooperate to achieve our objective of a free, democratic and just system of governance.

Issued by,

N Surendran,
Political Bureau Member, KEADILAN
MP Padang Serai.

Seminar Beyond 3R : A More Sustainable Solution For Selangor Waste Management

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

1. Alhamdulillah, bersyukur kita kehadrat Allah SWT kerana dengan keizinanNya jua, Kerajaan Negeri dapat menganjurkan Seminar Beyond 3R : A More Sustainable Solution for Selangor Waste Management pada hari ini yang melibatkan semua YB Ahli Dewan Negeri dan Pimpinan PBT serta Jabatan dan Agensi pelaksana. Tekad kita adalah untuk menjadikan Negeri Selangor sebagai Negeri Bersih.

2. Cabaran kita di Negeri Selangor sebagai sebuah Negeri Maju bukan sahaja untuk mencari penyelesaian kepada pengurusanSisa Pepejal dan pembersihan awam yang efektif serta pelupusan sampah yang selamat, berteknologi tinggi dan mempunyai nilai ekonomi tetapi samamencabar ialah untuk mengurus pencipta sampah iaitu manusia.

3. Undang-undang sahaja tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah tetapi manusia perlu dibina melalui pendidikan dan kesedaran bahawa kebersihan adalah penting dan merupakan tanggungjawab bersama.

4. Maka, satu anjakan paradigma amat perlu dalam usaha untuk mencari penyelesaian yang holistik dan sustainable.

5. Today we will be discussing about our vision for a sustainable waste management solution for Selangor.

6. Start by calling for a paradigm shift in waste management. I believe it is time we dump our old ways of dealing with rubbish and replace it with an entirely new approach. I am not talking about methods or technologies here but a total change of mind set. This new approach requires us to stop looking at the waste but to focus on ourselves first. To my mind, with this paradigm shift, the rest will fall in place.

7. In most cases of dealing with waste, we have been merely reacting to the situation. I have been going around the state taking a literally hands-on approach or to be precise –a hands-and-knees approach in trying to help solve this waste problem.

8. Sudah sememangnya ‘Ops Terjah’ sebegini berhasil untuk memastikan semua pihak senantiasa memberi perhatian berat terhadap isu ini. Adakalanya kita perlu dikejutkan, untuk tidak leka. Walau bagaimanapun, usaha ini tidak ‘sustainable’.

9. Kita harus melihat dalam diri dan organisasi kita sendiri. Kita perlu mendidik rakyat untuk menjaga kebersihan alam sekitar. Jika kita berjaya meningkatkan kesedaran sivik, rakyat akan mempunyai motivasi untuk menuruti ‘best practice’ bukan sahajamelupuskan sampah dengan kaedah yang betul tetapi juga untuk mengurangkan penghasilan sampah.

10. Kesedaran awam atau pendidikan sivik harus ditanam di dalam jiwa dan hati sanubari rakyat. Perlu ada undang-undang yang sesuai untuk menjamin kebersihan awam menjadi budaya dalam masyarakat.Namun begitu, ‘big-stick approach’ hanya efektif di fasa awalan.

11. But let me stress that enforcement is the key, once legislation is in place. Singapore would not be this clean if they only had laws on paper. And this must be tackled hand in hand with the problem of corruption. Once you give more power to public authorities you also open up new avenues for corrupt practices.

12. We need a holistic approach. The issue cannot be tackled in isolation. We need the citizens to buy in to the approach. And what I say about citizens apply even more for public servants and institutions.So, a change in the attitude of society as a whole is crucial to achieve this paradigm shift.

13. For those in public positions and those in charge of making decisions that affect the environment we live in, a more crucial change is needed.

14. We must stop merely reacting to the situation and be proactive instead.To do that, we need to stand back and pause a while. What is it that we want for Selangor in 20 years’ time? What do we aspire to leave behind for our future generations?The answers to these questions warrant some intense soul-searching, deep reflection and robust debate but these are vital in order for us to articulate a clear vision.

15. Without a clear vision, there can be no meaningfulstrategies. What we think of as strategies may just be reactive measures and in the sustainable scheme of things, that is akin to shooting in the dark.

16. I believe we all want a clean environment. We want clean and fresh air, no noxious fumes and bad odour, clean water and ecosystems that help to harmonise us with nature. In order to attain that, among other things, our waste management will have to be world class.

17. Kita memerlukan satu visi atau wawasan jangka panjang untuk Negeri Selangor yang akan menjadi tuan rumah kepada beberapa bandaraya-mega (megacities)dengan alam sekitar yang bersih dan mempunyai jaringan (connection) bertaraf dunia. Kita mahukan Negeri Selangor untuk meletakkan piawai dan tanda aras bagi penjagaan alam sekitar dan pengurusan sisa pepejal bertaraf dunia serta penetapan ‘green lungs’.

18. Dalam sesi dialog Pra-Belanjawan 2016 bersama Ahli-Ahli Dewan Negeri baru-baru ini, beberapa perkara telah dibincangkan, Kerajaan Negeri Selangor akan memastikan initiative yang baru ini akan mengelakkan monopoli industry oleh satu pihak dengan mengekalkan proses tender serta bersedia mengkaji semula harga kontrak bersesuaian dengan kerja-kerja pengurusan sisa pepejal dan pembesihan awam yang semakin meningkat dari segi penghasilan sampah.

19. Selangor menghasilkan 8,000 tan sisa pepejal sehari. Walaubagaimanapun, hanya separuh dikutip dan dihantar ke tapak pelupusan sampah (landfill). Kita dapat melihat korelasi diantara GDP yang semakin meningkat, akan meningkatkan penghasilan sampah per kapita. Justeru itu, kita harus bersedia untuk mengurus peningkatan penghasilan sampah yang berterusan dalam usaha kita untuk menjayakan ‘Agenda Makmur Selangor’.

20. Kita perlu meningkatkan kualiti dan piawai kutipan sampah terutamanya kualiti perkhidmatan dan sasaran kutipan kepada sekurang-kurangnya 80% menjelang tahun hadapan.

21. Tanggapan lapuk terhadap sampah harus diperbetulkan. Kita harus berhenti melihat ianya sekadar sampah sarap semata-mata, tidak bernilai dan boleh dibuang dimerata-rata tempat. Kita harus melihat sampah sebagai satu sumber tenaga dan mempunyai nilai ekonomi.

22. Sementara sampah yang terhasil meliputi pelbagai kategori dan perlu ditangani secara berbeza, adalah menjadi objektif bersama untuk mengurangkan penghasilan sampah. Pada masa sama, ‘specialised disposal treatments’ memerlukan pengurusan yang bermutu oleh Kerajaan Negeri. Untuk maksud ini, kita harus mempertimbangkan teknologi-teknologi yang lebih canggih.

23. Sebagai contoh; teknologi yang terkehadapan untuk menjana tenaga daripada sampah organik harus dibincangkan kerana buat masa ini kita seringmerosakkan dan memusnahkan kesuburan tanah dan nilai tanah ditapak landfill.

24. Tanah di dalam Negeri Selangor mempunyai nilai komersil yang tinggi dan amat terhad. Jika kita meneruskan kaedah konvensional dengan membuang di tapak-tapak pelupusan sampah (landfill), kita sebenarnya menyumbang kepada kerosakan alam sekitar dan kemusnahan kesuburan tanah berkenaan.

25. Ini boleh menjadi satu kerugian ekonomi yang kekal. Saya menyarankan agar kita melihat semula usaha untukmengguna pakai teknologi baru. Teknologi ini mesti reliable, robust, ideally future-proof. Enakmen dan undang-undang yang relevan perlu dibina di posisi yang sesuai untuk memastikan ianya dapat digunapakai dan beroperasi dengan selamat.

26. In this regard, we may want to look at the Japanese model where the principle is that waste generated by a local authority must be managed by that very local authority.

27. To my mind that’s fair and reasonable. Why should we condone the practice of dumping waste onto other local authorities?

28. With greater efficiency in management, there will also be greater effectiveness in tending to the rakyat’s grievances. The complaints are legitimate, and as you know, these are among the reasons that prompted us to launch the “terjah” campaigns.
29. While we plan for the future and attempt to translate our long-term policies into reality, we must also have in place a quick response systemto deal with public grouses.

30. We embarked on several initiatives in line with the people’s aspirations. We have spent more than RM 30 million on immediate clean-up. We set up a centralised SPV to improve waste management and complaint management mechanism for the residents. And we commissioned research on current state and a future roadmap for a more sustainable waste management solution for Selangor.

31. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who said: “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. ”

32. Saya berharap usaha murni kita bersama akan dapat mencorakkan agenda pembangunan di Negeri Selangor selaras dengan gagasan “Pembangunan Berkualiti, Rakyat Dipeduli”.

33. Maka, dengan lafaz Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim marilah kita sama-sama menyempurnakan Seminar Beyond 3R : A More Sustainable Solution for Selangor Waste Management.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Thank you.

Rampas tanah jika operasi sampah haram tidak dihenti

DSC_0054 DSC_0094 DSC_0131 DSC_0146

GOMBAK, 1 SEP: Kerajaan Negeri akan merampas tanah yang digunakan pihak tertentu bagi menjalankan aktiviti pembuangan sampah haram di Kampung Sungai Pusu, di sini, selepas tempoh prosiding berakhir, 5 September ini.

Dato’ Menteri Besar, Mohamed Azmin Ali, berkata tindakan bakal diambil Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) jika operasi itu tidak dihentikan dan kawasan enggan dibersihkan daripada aktiviti berkenaan.

“Proses merampas sudah bermula dengan Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) mengeluarkan Notis 7(B) dan mereka diberi tempoh 21 hari untuk menjalani prosiding terbabit.

“Jika mereka tidak memulih dan membersihkan kawasan tanah ini sehingga tempoh itu, maka pihak berkuasa akan merampasnya,” katanya kepada media selepas operasi terjah khas, di sini, hari ini.

Mohamed Azmin berkata, ia adalah usaha bagi menjamin Selangor menjadi negeri bersih iaitu aduan diterima berkenaan sampah domestik, pukal, kebun dan industri terlalu besar.

Katanya, program terjah dijalankan di beberapa kawasan PBT hari ini bermula di Subang hingga Selayang mendapati terdapat masalah perlu diselesaikan segera.

“Peruntukan undang-undang sahaja tidak mencukupi kerana apa yang ada masih longgar dan tidak dapat memastikan perkara ini ditangani dengan baik.

“Saya berharap PBT dan pejabat daerah dapat memainkan peranan bersama Adun supaya menggunakan ketegasan mengikut undang-undang kecil yang ada serta penguatkuasaan untuk memastikan perkara ini tidak berulang,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, program terjah akan terus dijalankan bagi menangani masalah seperti itu dan pendekatan terbabit dilihat mampu mengurangkannya dari semasa ke semasa.

“Bagi pembuangan sampah domestik di kawasan dibenarkan, kita ada di Bukit Tagar, Jeram dan beberapa lokasi ditetapkan.

“Kita juga sedang mengenalpasti tapak pembuangan sampah industri di setiap PBT supaya tiada pergerakan terlalu jauh membabitkan kontraktor.

“Langkah ini sedang dan akan terus diambil. Apa yang pasti kita perlukan kerjasama daripada kontraktor,” katanya.

Dalam operasi hari ini, dua buah lori dipercayai membawa sampah haram dirampas dan beberapa kawasan bermasalah dikenalpasti untuk tindakan susulan.

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