Day: May 6, 2016

[ PRESS RELEASE ] Message to Sarawakians



 6 MAY 2016


My dear Sarawakians,

It is most unfortunate that I have been stopped from entering this beautiful state and being with you today. Your Chief Minister has demanded that I should write in to appeal. But why should I be so slavish to Adenan Satem?

After all, it is you, the Sarawakian people that I want to see.

I travelled to Sarawak in order to give support to our KEADILAN candidates in their final hours of this election campaign, to join hands and drink in the spirit of the courage and resolve of the Sarawakian people and to stand shoulder to shoulder with your leaders and assemblymen like Baru Bian, See Chee How, and Ali Biju as well as the others who are also working so hard to be your representatives.

I was really gearing up the whole of last night, sleepless and very excited to help the campaign for our candidates who are indeed an absolute inspiration to all Malaysians, particularly so, to KEADILAN, myself and Sarawakians.

They are the peoples’ heroes. They are my heroes.

You are blessed with candidates who are passionate and totally committed to the cause of Sarawakians. They have struggled for decades to fight for a better Sarawak, defending the peoples’ rights, their ancestral rights to the land of Sarawak, working tirelessly on the ground with all the different communities. This is the real meaning of standing up for the rights of Sarawak, which, in case anyone has forgotten, is a founding member of the Federation of Malaysia.

While no one is questioning the constitutional basis of the federation, there is no doubt that issues of autonomy for Sarawak are of genuine concern. In fact, we in KEADILAN ever since our inception have fought for genuine autonomy for Sarawak.

We fervently believe that the people of Sarawak must be given whatever that is rightly due to them.

For too long, with the connivance of BN leaders from the Peninsula, the Sarawak BN leaders have been bleeding the people dry, short-changing them in terms of their welfare and socio-economic development.

As if the poverty and the high cost of living is not bad enough to oppress the people of Sarawak, the BN government, backed by 25 Sarawak BN Members of Parliament has seen it fit to pass the GST causing even further hardship and suffering for the people.

For decades, the people of Sarawak have also been denied the billions of ringgit of oil royalty rightly due to them. For how long are Sarawakians prepared to be humiliated by Prime Minister Najib who has publicly declared in front of your Chief Minister that oil royalty is not a priority?

Adenan Satem can place all the barriers and all the hurdles to prevent me from entering Sarawak but he will not be able to prevent the winds of change from sweeping across the land of the Kenyalang, brought on by the passion and the will of the people of Sarawak and their leaders.

My dear Sarawakians,

The time is right. The future of Sarawak is in your hands. Tomorrow is polling day. Seize the moment, make that difference and victory is yours.



Press Statement – On being barred from entering Sarawak


6 MAY 2016

On being barred from entering Sarawak

I have just been barred from entry into Sarawak and am detained against my will at the holding area at the Kuching International Airport pending deportation back to the Peninsula.

I hold Tan Sri Adenan Satem accountable for this most unfortunate and regrettable situation but at the same time I feel very sorry for him for resorting to this action.

Being drunk with power, Adenan Satem has forgotten that with power comes responsibility. He must use it responsibly in good faith for the betterment of the people of Sarawak, not vindictively to spite his political opponents.

In barring me from entering Sarawak, he is flaunting his high and mighty executive muscle as Chief Minister but he does not seem to realise that he has actually demeaned the dignity and stature of his office by stooping so low to treat a fellow State leader in such a manner.

Personally, barring me is indeed no skin off my nose but is a great affront to the office of the Menteri Besar of Selangor to which I have been duly appointed by His Royal Highness the Sultan.

As I said just a week ago, in taking this arrogant stand towards his fellow Malaysian leaders, Adenan Satem has crossed the line and exposed himself as being reckless in the use of his executive power.

This is apart from the fact that the ban is a blatant violation of the law. Section 67 of the Immigration Act clearly confers the right to enter Sabah and Sarawak “for the sole purpose of engaging in legitimate political activity”.

If Adenan Satem says that I am coming here only to campaign for the state elections and not as a State Menteri Besar, then he must at the same time accept that Section 67 would make his action totally illegal and unconstitutional because campaigning is indeed a legitimate political activity.

This widespread barring of opposition leaders from entering Sarawak is therefore a brazen violation of the law, utterly shameful and a manifestation of the reckless abuse of power.