Azmin speaks (By Haris Ibrahim)

I just got off the phone with YB Azmin Ali.

I drew his attention to my post “Khalid, aye or nay?”, and the e-mail dated 5th April that he is said to have sent to MB Khalid.

Would he want to respond to this allegation, I asked.

In the strongest possible terms, Azmin denied having authored this letter.

I asked about the blog reports linked in my post that suggested that he had supplied the doctored photographs of Zaid that were used by UMNO during the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Again, and in equally strong terms, Azmin denied this charge.

We chatted for a while.

I told him that I would continue to blog on the information that I am constantly receiving about the goings-on in PKR, and in particular about allegations that he and Anwar are on a Muslim agenda, because the public have a right to know, but will avail to him the right of reply.

By Haris Ibrahim

September 13, 2010

– from Haris Ibrahim’s Blog

Article by Azmin Ali

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