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[Kenyataan Media] Perutusan Hari Belia

Salam Hari Belia kepada anak-anak muda. Kita sudah menang.

Sekarang, negara tercinta kita sedang bergerak ke arah Malaysia yang baru yang memberi peluang yang saksama kepada semua.

Dengan mencipta sejarah selepas berdekad, anak muda telah membuktikan bahawa suara dan peranan kamu adalah amat penting.

Kerajaan ini menyokong anak muda untuk merealisasikan potensi mereka yang selama ini terpendam.

Dalam era Malaysia baru, masa depan anak muda bermula hari ini.

Penuhilah dirimu dengan keyakinan kerana anak muda akan sentiasa disokong dan didorong untuk membuka lembaran baru dengan kerajaan ini.

Pada waktu yang penting ini, anak muda harus mengambil bahagian dalam membentuk masa depan anda dan negara. Pada saat-saat ini, jangan leka.

Jadilah suara nurani kepada kerajaan ini. Rebutlah peluang yang sudah pasti akan wujud bagi anak muda. Jadilah contoh kepada semua.
Kemenangan ini adalah kemenangan rakyat, kemenangan anak muda.

Salam Hari Belia 2018.

Menteri Besar Selangor

[Press Statement] Slaughter of Palestinians on Nakba Nothing Less Than Genocide

I condemn in the strongest terms yesterday’s massacre of 55 Palestinians including children by Israeli forces.

The shocking violence unleashed saw more than 1,200 others shot and wounded at demonstrations marking the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day, the “Day of Catastrophe”, commemorating the formation of the illegal state of Israel.

Nothing can justify the violence and killing of people demanding the restoration of their homeland and the redress of injustice inflicted on them for so long.

What Israel’s Armed Forces unleashed was nothing less than genocide, making Monday the most brutal day since the end of 2014’s Gaza War.

Further worsening the situation, the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a gross provocation and insult to the Palestinian people and a tremendous setback to the peace process.

There must be swift and decisive international intervention to stop the killing. Israel cannot be allowed to exercise violence with impunity. The Palestinian people have suffered enough. They must be defended.

Menteri Besar Selangor

[Kenyataan Media] Victory Address by Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali

Today, we celebrate the victory of the people, a victory as we have never seen before.

Today, we celebrate the making of history.

Today, we celebrate the power of democracy; the peoples’ power. The citizens of Selangor and Malaysia have spoken loud and clear: Move over UMNO-BN, make way for Pakatan Harapan.

This is not a Malay tsunami, nor a Chinese tsunami, nor an Indian tsunami – this is 100 per cent a Malaysian Tsunami! A tsunami that has swept across the entire nation for both state seats as well as parliamentary seats.

In Selangor, we have witnessed landslide majorities in favour of Pakatan Harapan. We have won 51 out of 56 seats in the state – a stunning 91 per cent. This exceptional result exceeded my own expectations of 40 seats. I am truly humbled by the support shown by the people for our policies and our principles.

The Malaysian people have chosen constitutional democracy over kleptocracy. The people have chosen rule of law over rule of men. And the people have chosen justice over injustice.

The people want a new future, for themselves, their children and the generations ahead.

Now that the people have placed this trust on us, a heavy and sacred responsibility is on our shoulders. We must work doubly hard and deliver on our pledges, and deliver we will.

Today marks a new dawn for the nation, and the citizens of Malaysia can look forward to a bright new day to begin a brand new chapter for the nation.

We in Pakatan Harapan could not have done this without your support.

Thank you, the people of Selangor.

Thank you, the people of Malaysia.

Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin bin Ali
10 May 2018

[Press Statement] MCMC Must Investigate Spam Calls and Emails On Voting Day

Since 6 AM this morning I have been flooded with hundreds of continuous calls from the United States on my phone. I have also received hundreds of junk emails.

I am not the only victim of this cyberattack. Other leaders in Pakatan Harapan as well as civil society activists have been targeted throughout the day.

This is nothing but a desperate act by those afraid to lose, but it is one that cannot counter the people’s power.

I demand an immediate investigation by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission into this incident. Those responsible must be identified and brought to justice.

I urge those who have been targeted by these malicious and childish attacks to not answer these phone calls or reply to suspicious emails.


[Press Statement] Azmin Ali’s Address to Selangor and the nation on the eve of GE14.

My fellow Selangorians,

My fellow Malaysians,

The clock is ticking towards the dawn of a new era as we approach the final hours of the eve of our 14th General Elections. Tomorrow, the future of Malaysia will be in your hands. With that stroke of the mighty pen, our future, our parents’ future, our children’s future, and the future of the generations to come, will be decided.

This right to vote every five years, conferred by our Federal Constitution, also imposes on all of us  a duty to exercise that right with care and caution but exercise it we must.

We do so by coming out in full force to cast that vital vote that will decide who we want to lead us.

We exercise that right and fulfil that duty by marking on the ballot paper the candidates we believe will serve us, serve our state, and serve our nation, not those who serve themselves or those who serve only leaders who serve themselves.

Do we want a government led by corrupt, dishonest and self-serving people bent only on holding on to power by whatever means possible?

Do we want a government led by one who robs us of billions of ringgit, one who having been caught red-handed with billions of ringgit in his personal bank account, continues to lie to the nation and the people how he has acquired such great personal wealth?

Do we want a government of leaders who continue to deny the errors of their ways and instead of coming clean with the people, build a wall of lies and deceit?

Don’t we deserve leaders who are clean, honest and people-centric?

Don’t we want a government that, having been given the mandate to govern, has proven that it can govern with transparency and accountability? That is Selangor.

Do we not deserve a government that cares for the people, spend our money wisely for the nation and for the generations to come, undertake responsible development to advance the nation forward in competitiveness? Again, that is Selangor.

Surely, we want a government that creates value to our economy, enhance employment and spur the nation’s growth with proper infrastructure, vibrant commercial activities and generate wealth for the people.

But we don’t want a government that promises wealth for the people only by impoverishing them with the incurring of massive debts and creating phantom projects and enterprises such as 1MDB and stripping the hard-earned assets of the nation such as that of FELDA and even pawning away  our sovereign land.

Surely, we don’t want a government that taxes the people and the nation just so to service the massive debts caused by their irresponsible, errant and shady undertakings.

Do we want to continue to bear the burden and the oppression of GST imposed by UMNO-BN so that the corrupt leaders of this government continue to enjoy the good life at our expense?

Definitely not for me. And I believe not for you. On the contrary, we pledge to abolish the GST – this bloodsucking mother of all taxes.

We will free the people from these chains of oppression.

Never before has there been a clearer choice in the history of our nation than now. For more than 60 years, we have been under the stranglehold of UMNO-BN and for the last ten years, this relentless hold on to power has reached the tipping point.

We in the State of Selangor have shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are efficient and effective, clean and trustworthy.

We have maintained Selangor’s position as the economic powerhouse of the nation with high growth and high employment while at the same time ensuring that the welfare of the citizens are taken care at all times.

It’s a choice between going forward together with courage of conviction, hope for a new future under a government that cares and knows what to do on the one hand and going backwards with a corrupt government that has weakened our economy, burdened our national debt and oppressed our people with more and more taxes.

It is a choice between a government of constitutional democracy, rule of law and justice and a government of kleptocracy, rule of men and injustice.

So, I call upon all of you to vote for all Pakatan Harapan candidates.

Vote with a clear conscience and vote with full conviction to make the change.


Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor
8 May 2018


Perutusan Hari Pekerja

Salam Hari Pekerja kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Hari Pekerja 2018 merupakan tanda ingatan terpenting mengenai peranan pekerja dalam memacu ekonomi negara.

Walaupun begitu, keadaan ekonomi negara semakin gawat sewaktu ramai sedang bergelut dengan krisis kos sara hidup dan gaji yang rendah.

Gaji minima masih pada tahap tidak realistik sebanyak RM1,000 dan separuh daripada pekerja di Malaysia bergaji di bawah RM1,700. Dengan gaji sebegini, sudah tentu mereka tidak dapat menghadapi cabaran GST dan harga barang yang sedang naik.

Berbeza di Negeri Selangor, di mana gaji minima penjawat awam negeri adalah pada kadar RM1,500, kerana saya percaya jika para pekerja mempunyai gaji lebih tinggi, mereka dapat menyumbang lebih kepada ekonomi. Malah, Pakatan Harapan juga bertekad untuk meningkatkan gaji minima bagi semua jenis pekerjaan kepada RM1,500 selepas kita pergi ke Putrajaya.

Itulah faktor utama Selangor menjadi penyumbang terbesar kepada KDNK negara sebanyak 23% kerana di Selangor, para pekerja menjadi tulang belakang ekonomi negeri.

Malah, kerajaan negeri telah jauh ke depan dengan menggunakan strategi pembangunan berasaskan inovasi serta ekonomi yang berasaskan pengetahuan atau “Knowledge Economy”. Dalam pada itu, daya saing pekerja telah ditingkatkan. Ini selaras dengan tawaran Pakatan Harapan untuk mewujudkan 1 juta pekerjaan berkualiti untuk anak muda yang bergaji tinggi, sebanyak RM2,500 ke atas.

Saya menyeru para pekerja supaya menggembleng tenaga, berganding bahu untuk membuat pilihan betul dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14. Pilihlah parti yang akan membela dan memelihara kebajikan pekerja. Pilihlah parti yang mengiktiraf hak pekerja dan kesatuan pekerja.

Di Selangor, Pakatan Harapan telah membuktikan bahawa kita peduli kebajikan dan keluhan para pekerja. Hantarlah kita ke Putrajaya, dan kita dapat memartabatkan hak dan kebajikan semua pekerja Malaysia.

Salam Hari Pekerja 2018!

Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali
Timbalan Presiden
Parti KEADILAN Rakyat

Kenyataan Media – Tindakan SPR Mencemarkan Demokrasi Malaysia

28 APRIL 2018

Saya amat kesal dan kecewa dengan tindakan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) yang enggan menerima pencalonan saudara Tian Chua untuk bertanding di Parlimen Batu.

Tindakan SPR itu tidak berasas dan mencemarkan proses demokrasi di Malaysia. Saya mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya layanan SPR terhadap saudara Tian Chua pada penamaan calon hari ini.

Keputusan pegawai SPR adalah menghina:

i) keputusan Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam, Yang Arif Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman, Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Rahman pada 2 Mac 2018 yang mengurangkan hukuman denda saudara Tian Chua kepada RM2,000; dan

ii) keputusan Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia pada 30 Jun 2011 bahawa Tian Chua layak sebagai ahli Parlimen walaupun dikenakan denda RM2,000. Ini bermakna, Tian Chua layak bertanding sebagai calon Batu dalam PRU14.

Saya menyeru semua pihak supaya membantah tindakan SPR yang menganiaya saudara Tian Chua dengan memberikan sokongan tidak berbelah bagi kepada Pakatan Harapan. Hanya dengan undi, kebobrokan sebegini dapat dihentikan demi masa depan Malaysia.


Kenyataan Media – Pengagihan Kerusi Dewan Negeri Selangor

18 APRIL 2018

Pakatan Harapan Selangor telah mencapai kata sepakat memuktamadkan pengagihan kerusi Dewan Negeri Selangor bagi memberikan perkhidmatan cemerlang dan terbaik untuk merealisasikan aspirasi rakyat Selangor.

Kami yakin bahawa perpaduan pimpinan dan anggota Pakatan Harapan Selangor akan melonjakkan sokongan rakyat untuk mengekalkan pentadbiran Pakatan Harapan dalam Kerajaan Negeri Selangor bagi meneruskan pembangunan ekonomi dan agenda peduli rakyat.

Pakatan Harapan Selangor akan memberi fokus sepenuhnya kepada gerak kerja pilihan raya dan memantapkan jentera Pakatan Harapan di seluruh Negeri Selangor serta meletakkan calon-calon yang berwibawa, berintegriti dan komited untuk memberi khidmat dan menabur bakti kepada negeri dan rakyat.

Pakatan Harapan Selangor yakin rakyat Selangor akan menggembeleng tenaga dan memberi sokongan yang padu demi membangun bangsa dan memakmur negeri.

Pengerusi Pakatan Harapan Negeri Selangor

Pengerusi DAP Negeri Selangor

Pengerusi Parti Amanah Negara Negeri Selangor

Ketua Badan Pimpinan PPBM Negeri Selangor

Grievous Errors in Malaysiakini Report on Caretaker Menteri Besar’s visit to Gombak and Bukit Antarabangsa

16 APRIL 2018


We note with great dismay a misleading report published by online portal on 14 April 2018 at 11:29pm. The report entitled, “Cash, laptops, iPads – Azmin doles out over RM2m worth goodies”, makes several serious errors and dubious assumptions which is now our responsibility to correct since they affect the good name of Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The report covered the activities on 14 April 2018 of caretaker Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali in disbursing grants and state aid in the state constituency of Bukit Antarabangsa and the Parliamentary constituency of Gombak, for which he was the elected representative for the 13th Parliament of Malaysia.

No Cash Given Out, Only Cheques; No iPads, Only Samsungs

To start with, the very first word in the article’s title is false. No cash was disbursed in the programme. Only cheques were handed over as is proper for official programmes which have been processed through the proper channels.

To suggest that “cash” was handed out gives the impression that what occurred was an event of a very base political calibre, which is far from the truth.

Furthermore, iPads were not disbursed to qualified recipients. Rather, it was the more affordable Samsung Tablet.

The truth and official documents can be verified with the constituency office, the Gombak District Office and the State Economic Planning Office, all of which are subject to audit.

Total Given Out Less Than Half of What Was Reported

Second, the report stated that out of the four events on 14 April “two events in Ukay Perdana and Kampung Kerdas, the amount of aid distributed totalled over RM2.24 million.”

This is a gross and inaccurate overstatement of the amount of aid disbursed. In actual fact, the total value of aid disbursed for all four events only amounted to RM967,150.00, made up of constituency allocations and official state programmes.

The figure from Malaysiakini is 2.3 times the true figure.

It is regrettable that no attempt was made to contact the constituency officer to verify that the number put to print was accurate and truthful.

The true figure comprised a few hundred thousand ringgit from Azmin’s constituency allocations. A substantial portion of the aid went towards applications to uplift public facilities. The remainder comprised aid for the needy and educational support.

To clarify, the Residents’ Associations of nine low- and medium-cost flats had applied for building remediation works under the SMART LIFE and CERIA programmes by the Selangor state. Selangor’s Budget 2018, passed in November 2017, provided for the state government as a caring government to bear 100% of the cost of repainting and lift repair works for qualifying low- and medium-cost flats.

All Spending Proper and Above Board

Third, all applications for this aid were made prior to the dissolution of Parliament and do not represent ad hoc spending specially tailored for the election season. The allegation of “goodies” in the headline is thus misleading, if not defamatory. Constituency disbursements are a regular part of a public representative’s duties to their constituents and Dato’ Seri Azmin reports such events openly on his social media accounts. His last such event was on 16 December 2017.

We have tremendous respect for the role of an independent media as the Fourth Estate to exercise scrutiny on power in modern democracies. However, that honourable role must be upheld with a code of conduct that is observed to a high standard. Facts must be verified and sources must be consulted so that the public gets the truth.

For the reasons stated above, we demand a correction of the article and an acknowledgement of the error made since there has been damage to the good name of Dato’ Seri Azmin.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Strategic Communications Director
Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office

[Kenyataan Media] Perutusan Chithirai, Vishu dan Vaisakhi

Saya ingin mengucapkan Chithirai Puthandu Vazthukaal, Vishu Ashamsakal dan Jatta aai Vaisakhi kepada rakyat Negeri Selangor dan seluruh Malaysia kaum Tamil, Malayalee dan Sikh sempena perayaan Chithirai, Vishu, dan Vaisakhi pada tahun ini.

Chithirai dan Vishu merupakan sambutan Tahun Baru bagi kaum Tamil dan Malayalee, manakala Vaisakhi menjemput masyarakat Sikh untuk mementingkan konsep persaudaraan.

Negara kita sedang belayar dalam perairan laut yang amat berombak dan bulan yang akan datang pasti membawa cabaran yang hebat kepada semua.

Meskipun begitu, dalam menghadapi cabaran ini, tahun baru membawa harapan baru, dan ia adalah harapan saya agar rakyat Malaysia dapat mengalu-alukan permulaan yang baru dalam satu bulan lagi supaya kita dapat mencapai kemakmuran dan memelihara nilai persaudaraan antara kita semua.

Chithirai Puthandu Vazthukaal, Vishu Ashamsakal dan Jatta aai Vaisakhi kepada semua yang menyambutnya.