I condemn in the strongest terms the decision by the Home Ministry today to suspend the publishing permit of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for three months.

Such a move is not just an attack on press freedom but a violation of the people’s right to information concerning matters of such grave concern as the 1MDB scandal which involves fundamental financial improprieties involving billions of ringgit.

To my mind, exposing a national scandal involving grand theft of the people’s money is not only permissible but obligatory for those who have the means to do so such as the media. This is all the more pressing and urgent considering the circumstances which we are in.

In fact, the Edge would be failing in its duty if it did not report this mother of all scandals.

We find it ridiculous for the Home Ministry to say that such media reporting is prejudicial to public and national interest. The only people who will be prejudiced by the exposes are the parties whose hands are tainted by their complicity in this conspiracy to plunder the nation’s wealth. Innocent parties must surely welcome such exposes.

All right thinking Malaysians must therefore join in condemning this arbitrary use of power by the Government and demand that it revokes such an irresponsible and reckless decision.

Mohamed Azmin Ali

Deputy President

People’s Justice Party