[Kenyataan Media] Victory Address by Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali

Today, we celebrate the victory of the people, a victory as we have never seen before.

Today, we celebrate the making of history.

Today, we celebrate the power of democracy; the peoples’ power. The citizens of Selangor and Malaysia have spoken loud and clear: Move over UMNO-BN, make way for Pakatan Harapan.

This is not a Malay tsunami, nor a Chinese tsunami, nor an Indian tsunami – this is 100 per cent a Malaysian Tsunami! A tsunami that has swept across the entire nation for both state seats as well as parliamentary seats.

In Selangor, we have witnessed landslide majorities in favour of Pakatan Harapan. We have won 51 out of 56 seats in the state – a stunning 91 per cent. This exceptional result exceeded my own expectations of 40 seats. I am truly humbled by the support shown by the people for our policies and our principles.

The Malaysian people have chosen constitutional democracy over kleptocracy. The people have chosen rule of law over rule of men. And the people have chosen justice over injustice.

The people want a new future, for themselves, their children and the generations ahead.

Now that the people have placed this trust on us, a heavy and sacred responsibility is on our shoulders. We must work doubly hard and deliver on our pledges, and deliver we will.

Today marks a new dawn for the nation, and the citizens of Malaysia can look forward to a bright new day to begin a brand new chapter for the nation.

We in Pakatan Harapan could not have done this without your support.

Thank you, the people of Selangor.

Thank you, the people of Malaysia.

Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin bin Ali
10 May 2018

Article by Azmin Ali