[Press Statement] Azmin Ali’s Address to Selangor and the nation on the eve of GE14.

My fellow Selangorians,

My fellow Malaysians,

The clock is ticking towards the dawn of a new era as we approach the final hours of the eve of our 14th General Elections. Tomorrow, the future of Malaysia will be in your hands. With that stroke of the mighty pen, our future, our parents’ future, our children’s future, and the future of the generations to come, will be decided.

This right to vote every five years, conferred by our Federal Constitution, also imposes on all of us  a duty to exercise that right with care and caution but exercise it we must.

We do so by coming out in full force to cast that vital vote that will decide who we want to lead us.

We exercise that right and fulfil that duty by marking on the ballot paper the candidates we believe will serve us, serve our state, and serve our nation, not those who serve themselves or those who serve only leaders who serve themselves.

Do we want a government led by corrupt, dishonest and self-serving people bent only on holding on to power by whatever means possible?

Do we want a government led by one who robs us of billions of ringgit, one who having been caught red-handed with billions of ringgit in his personal bank account, continues to lie to the nation and the people how he has acquired such great personal wealth?

Do we want a government of leaders who continue to deny the errors of their ways and instead of coming clean with the people, build a wall of lies and deceit?

Don’t we deserve leaders who are clean, honest and people-centric?

Don’t we want a government that, having been given the mandate to govern, has proven that it can govern with transparency and accountability? That is Selangor.

Do we not deserve a government that cares for the people, spend our money wisely for the nation and for the generations to come, undertake responsible development to advance the nation forward in competitiveness? Again, that is Selangor.

Surely, we want a government that creates value to our economy, enhance employment and spur the nation’s growth with proper infrastructure, vibrant commercial activities and generate wealth for the people.

But we don’t want a government that promises wealth for the people only by impoverishing them with the incurring of massive debts and creating phantom projects and enterprises such as 1MDB and stripping the hard-earned assets of the nation such as that of FELDA and even pawning away  our sovereign land.

Surely, we don’t want a government that taxes the people and the nation just so to service the massive debts caused by their irresponsible, errant and shady undertakings.

Do we want to continue to bear the burden and the oppression of GST imposed by UMNO-BN so that the corrupt leaders of this government continue to enjoy the good life at our expense?

Definitely not for me. And I believe not for you. On the contrary, we pledge to abolish the GST – this bloodsucking mother of all taxes.

We will free the people from these chains of oppression.

Never before has there been a clearer choice in the history of our nation than now. For more than 60 years, we have been under the stranglehold of UMNO-BN and for the last ten years, this relentless hold on to power has reached the tipping point.

We in the State of Selangor have shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are efficient and effective, clean and trustworthy.

We have maintained Selangor’s position as the economic powerhouse of the nation with high growth and high employment while at the same time ensuring that the welfare of the citizens are taken care at all times.

It’s a choice between going forward together with courage of conviction, hope for a new future under a government that cares and knows what to do on the one hand and going backwards with a corrupt government that has weakened our economy, burdened our national debt and oppressed our people with more and more taxes.

It is a choice between a government of constitutional democracy, rule of law and justice and a government of kleptocracy, rule of men and injustice.

So, I call upon all of you to vote for all Pakatan Harapan candidates.

Vote with a clear conscience and vote with full conviction to make the change.


Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor
8 May 2018


Article by Azmin Ali