MEDIA STATEMENT : Opposition parties must cease finger pointing and rebuild cooperation

As Malaysian Ringgit fell into a 17-year low and all indicators show that the country’s economy is now in deep crisis, the people’s anxiety is all time high. Our political situation is further worsen by stubborn insistence of Prime Minister Najib holding on to power amid multiple exposure of scandals.

This is the time that the people are at a lost and looking towards the Opposition for political leadership. The public frustration over the ruling power increases by the day. By right, all opposition forces and civil society actors should unite and chart forward to overcome the the morally bankrupt BN government.

I find it quite disturbing that not only that we are unable to provide a compass for the way forward, political leaders are publicly attacking each others and further eroding the people’s confidence towards the opposition parties which they had voted for.

In this respect, I would like to urge all leaders from the opposition front to cease all forms of antagonistic exchanges immediately and to focus on the imminent crisis faced by the Malaysian people. In particularly, the opposition supporters are extremely concerned and uneasy with the divisions within PAS. It seems that separation of certain segments of PAS members and legislators is inevitable. While respecting PAS’ right to defend its party pride, it is also equally important for PAS leaders to be open-minded and magnanimous in dealing with their ex-comrades.I believe that forgiveness and benevolence are consistent to the Islamic values propagated by PAS.

Meanwhile as we welcome the birth of a new political force to be known as Parti Amanah Negara, we are mindful that we shall not fall into the enemy’s trap and allow the opposition to become more fragmented. In democracy, ideological diversity does not necessary undermine our political strength but instead it broadens our support base. From this perspective, the conciliatory gesture from Amanah leaders such as Salahuddin Ayub, Dr Dzul etc in their latest statements is timely and appropriate.

Further, we also appeal to DAP leaders to hold back any hostile posturing towards other opposition parties. We understand fully the ground of DAP’s skepticism towards PAS as a coalition partner. Criticisms by DAP leaders towards PAS were not totally unfounded. Nonetheless, KEADILAN also hope DAP could appreciate our efforts and strategy in dealing with the complexity of the opposition coalition.

In response to Penang CM and DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, we would like to reiterate Selangor MB Azmin Ali did not utter his private viewpoint. Instead, the stance articulated by Azmin Ali is exactly the position adopted by KEADILAN as a party. As we are mindful of our differences with PAS or any parties, yet they shall not hinder our continuous engagement. KEADILAN acknowledged the existence of some major disagreements in policy issues with PAS. It warrants more intensive debate and engagement with its leadership but not by the severance of ties with our allies.

KEADILAN is committed to a strategy focusing on fighting the common enemy that is the corrupted regime of Umno. In any circumstance, we will consistently seek cooperation with any forces that share the same objective.

We accept that all sides may have good reasons to insist on their respective standpoints. However the prolonged arguments and accusations frustrate the ordinary citizens who are in deep suffering and find no way out. KEADILAN calls on all parties to ceasefire and begin to reflect deeply to find solutions to fulfill the people’s expectation.

KEADILAN will embark a new process of rebuilding a new platform of cooperation starting with a series of bilateral and multilateral discussions and negotiations. We must avoid repeating the same mistake by rushing into launching a new coalition pact hastily. Any political pact to be launched must ensure the broadest spectrum of political movements represented. Inclusivity is the key to create a strong consolidated force to challenge Umno in the next GE. To achieve this, KEADILAN will facilitate a series of confidence building measures with all parties including PAS, DAP, PAN and others.

In the meantime, leaders of all parties should show to their voters wisdom and rationality. Stop all finger pointing in faulting one another, let’s move beyond our own partisan interests and provide a workable cooperation to lift the nation up from this scandal-riddled mess.

YB Tian Chua
Vice President KEADILAN

Article by Azmin Ali