[PRESS RELEASE] Aminulrasyid Decision


24 MARCH 2016


I wholeheartedly welcome today’s High Court judgment in favour of the mother and family of the late Aminulrasyid Amzah in their civil suit against the IGP and the Government of Malaysia over the fatal shooting of Aminulrasyid.

This is without doubt a landmark decision on judicial oversight of police action and represents a victory for justice and accountability.

I am happy and relieved that the good name and reputation of Aminulrasyid and his family has been redeemed. Significantly, in clearing the baseless allegations made by then Chief Police Officer of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar that Aminulrasyid had tried to run over the policemen by reversing his car upon them, the High Court had also found the IGP guilty of misfeasance in public office and awarded RM100,000 against him.

This is a very serious condemnation of the conduct of the IGP in discharging his duties when he was the Chief Police Officer of Selangor. Such a finding against the country’s top police officer is an unprecedented event. Previously in the Kugan case, the IGP was also strongly criticised by another High Court judge.

In view of the clear findings of the High Court judge, the IGP must take full responsibility for his actions and make a public apology to the family of Aminulrasyid.

As a show of moral support and continued sympathy with the plight of Aminulrasyid’s family, I will visit them at 5 p.m. tomorrow.




Article by Azmin Ali