[PRESS RELEASE] Blocking of TMI must be lifted immediately

 26 FEBRUARY 2016

Blocking of TMI must be lifted immediately

The blocking of The Malaysian Insider by the MCMC since yesterday marks yet another act of utmost desperation by Prime Minister Najib Razak to muzzle the independent media.

I categorically condemn this move and call for its immediate and unconditional lifting.

This is yet another case of reckless abuse of executive power in a long line of constitutional violations by the government in a systematic campaign to cower independent news organisations into submission.

However, what is at stake here is not just freedom of information and expression but the very foundations of constitutional democracy where the rule of law must prevail over the rule of the powers that be.

Our economy is already in the doldrums and investors’ confidence is at its lowest in view of the string of scandals and the blatant disregard for transparent and accountable financial practices under the current administration.

In light of the various other acts of desperation such as the unwarranted prosecution of the voices of dissent, the use of police powers to intimidate journalists, the arbitrary action of the Attorney-General to discontinue investigations related to the Prime Minister, what we are witnessing is the institutional breakdown of democratic processes that will ultimately take this nation to the tipping point.

We remind Najib that the people will not be fooled because truth cannot be covered by falsehood and scandals involving the highest echelons of power will continue to be exposed.

Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali