[PRESS RELEASE] Let us move on – together as a team


7 MAY 2016

Let us move on – together as a team

The dust has settled for the Sarawak State elections and the results are plain for all to see. This is not the time for recrimination but for reflection.

All our candidates have done their best and congratulations to all is due for the hard work, determination and commitment. For those who won, more hard work awaits even as we rejoice in our victory.

For those who lost, we must chalk it up to experience and not forget that in defeat, magnanimity of heart and spirit is the measure of true grit. You remain our heroes.

It is said that courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. But there are times when it takes even greater courage to sit down and listen. The people of Sarawak have spoken and we the national opposition must take these lessons to heart and listen.

The message is loud and clear – the people disapprove of fighting among the opposition. We could have done better if we had been more united by that spirit of working together – as we did in the past. We must recognise that coalition partners will continue to have differences but the conviction of togetherness will enable us to transcend these differences for a common goal for the future of our nation.

Although KEADILAN maintained its seats, DAP’s defeat is our defeat. In fact, the defeat of any member of the coalition is a defeat for KEADILAN. In this regard, Amanah and PAS must continue to soldier on together with KEADILAN and DAP so that all of us can move forward to face GE14 together – as a team.

They say that the lessons of history were always there to guide us if only we had listened.

In all humility, I am listening. Since the results closed, I have been getting an almost endless flow of messages and I am humbled by the words of encouragement from colleagues and friends. I am even more grateful for the suggestions and advice given to me on how who we could move forward.

In this spirit of humility, I call upon the leaders of the opposition to meet, to reflect and to resolve our differences for the sake of the higher good for indeed as political parties none can be higher than the good of the nation.

I sincerely believe that in this spirit of brotherhood, give and take, and mutual respect – we shall, God willing, rise again.


Deputy President of KEADILAN

Article by Azmin Ali