Press Release: Opposition must stand united to tackle current crisis

I refer to Keadilan’s position to be inclusive and to work with all opposition parties, be it DAP or PAS or Amanah and NGOs, who are opposed to the misrule of the BN.

The public is relying upon us to bring change and reform to our country, especially in the current worsening political and economic situation. All of us- Keadilan, DAP, PAS, Amanah and various NGOs- owe it to the public to set aside all our differences and work together to save the country.

There have been several statements attributing Keadilan’s decision to be inclusive solely to party deputy president and Selangor MB Azmin Ali.

That is incorrect.

This was a decision of the party, and not of any one individual leader.

For the sake of the people, all forces arrayed against PM Najib and the BN must unite and cooperate to achieve our objective of a free, democratic and just system of governance.

Issued by,

N Surendran,
Political Bureau Member, KEADILAN
MP Padang Serai.

Article by Azmin Ali