Speaker’s Embargo on EC Report a Betrayal of Malaysian Democracy

The Parliament Speaker’s decision to embargo the Election Commission’s report on the redelineation of electoral boundaries in Peninsular Malaysia is a gross betrayal of 25 million Malaysians and our parliamentary democracy. It deserves thunderous condemnation from all corners of our nation.

The EC’s proposals have been on public display in one form or another for over 18 months. There is no valid reason that the Speaker of Parliament should withhold the final report from the public since it directly affects their democratic right to elect representatives to Parliament. Withholding this is nothing more than an act of sheer arbitrariness.

As a member of Parliament my voters and all voters in Malaysia have a right to know if their voting district has been changed since it affects both their identity and their political destiny. Therefore it is a violation of their constitutional rights.

The recommendations put forward by the EC sharply increase the racial and ethnic character of our voting districts. This is a direct assault on the culture of multi-ethnic harmony that is an essential part of Malaysia’s identity. The EC should not be the tool of politics, let alone race-based politics, they have a solemn responsibility to uphold a harmonious and democratic Malaysia.

This is one of the stark failures of the EC that the Selangor State Government has tried to challenge in court. In fact, we are continuing to challenge the EC in court on this very day.
God Willing, we shall prevail.

Menteri Besar Selangor

Article by Azmin Ali